How to cook the lentils for garnish: the most delicious recipes

While the lentils is very useful and nutritious product, today it is not so often seen in our dining menu.However, our ancestors - as the poor peasants and the rich and the nobility - paid tribute to the variety of dishes of legumes.By the way, the revolution Russia was the first in the world for the production of lentils.Meanwhile, these beans are one of the sources of high-quality vegetable protein, which is especially important if you follow the church office.So today we decided to offer you several options on how to cook lentils for garnish.If you want to diversify your menu is very useful and tasty product, be sure to use one of the recipes.

Red Lentils: recipes

garnish this variety of bean turns delicious, nutritious, wholesome and certainly will satisfy all home.So, to prepare the second dish of lentils, we need the following products: a pound of red lentils and a half liters of water, a carrot and onion, a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce or paste, a teaspoon of turmeric, a couple of cloves of garlic, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, dried herbsparsley and cumin.

cooking process

boil water, fall asleep in it the lentils and cook 15 minutes over medium heat.Meanwhile, fry in vegetable oil pre-grated carrots and garlic and finely chopped onions.Then add the spices and tomato sauce, stir and remove from heat.Saute add to the cooked lentils, salt and simmer over low heat for a few minutes.A delicious side dish is ready!It will go perfectly with both meat dishes and a vegetable salad.This option of how to cook lentils served with is very easy and quick and will suit even the novice mistresses.Bon Appetit!

recipe for a side dish of green lentils

offer you a recipe from one of the varieties of legumes.This side dish of green lentils, combined with pasta is Egyptian origin and is characterized by a magnificent and rich taste.So, to pamper yourself and your loved ones in this dish, we first need to prepare the following ingredients: 200 grams of green lentils, 200 grams of pasta, 700 grams of tomatoes (you can take both fresh and canned), three onions, a clove of garlic, vegetable oil,salt, pepper, cumin, turmeric and coriander to taste.From this amount of food can be cooked dishes four portions.

Fill beans with water at the rate of two glasses of water to one cup of lentils and boil for 40 minutes on low heat.Warms in a small saucepan or skillet one tablespoon of oil and pour the crushed coriander seeds and cumin, fry them a few seconds.Then add the cooked lentils and mix.Onions cut into half rings and fry in a pan with four tablespoons of vegetable oil until golden brown.Add the onions to a teaspoon of sugar, increase the heat and continue to fry, stirring constantly, until crisp and brown state.Then we shift it on a paper napkin or a towel to absorb excess fat.Heated in a frying pan two tablespoons oil and add finely chopped garlic, turmeric, tomatoes, slightly prisalivaem and cook about 10 minutes over medium heat.We should get a slightly thickened sauce.In the pre-cooked pasta on top spread the lentils, then tomato sauce and crispy onions.You can also sprinkle the dish with parsley or cilantro.It was another option of how to cook lentils for garnish.Be sure to try this delicious and healthy dishes!

How to cook porridge of lentils

This dish can be very useful to you if you follow the post, as this mess is very nourishing and contains the required amount of plant proteins.So, for the preparation of this dish, we need the following ingredients: a glass of red lentils, a bunch of cilantro, dill and parsley, half a glass of water, onion, two cloves of garlic, salt and vegetable oil.

cooking process

lentils fill with water after boiling and cook over low heat until tender.At this time, finely chop the greens.Finely chopped onion fried in vegetable oil until it acquires a golden color, and add the garlic.To add the onions and garlic lentils and fry ready in a minute.Then pour cereal chopped herbs, salt, stir and give it brew under the lid a quarter of an hour.Delicious meatless dishes done!

Lentils in multivarka: recipe

If you are the proud owner of this kitchen appliance, you probably know that it is possible to cook a whole lot of different dishes.This and soups, and cereals, and baked goods.Then we offer to learn how to cook lentils in multivarka.If you decide to treat yourself to a delicious side dish of this variety of beans, you will need the following ingredients: multistakan red lentils, onion, medium size, 2.5 multistakana ordinary water, carrots, salt, black pepper, vegetable oil.

cooking process

clean and finely chop the onion.Enables "Baking" and fry the onion for about five minutes in vegetable oil, stirring constantly.Clear the carrots, rub it on a grater, add to the frying onions and cook another 10 minutes.Wash the lentils in cold water and add to sauteed vegetables.Fill it with water, salt and pepper.Mix, cover with the lid and set the mode Multivarki "Buckwheat".Very soon a delicious and nutritious side dish will be ready.

Today we brought some recipes on how to cook lentils for garnish.However, this kind of beans can also be a separate dish.For example, many are very fond of soups of lentils.Typically, they are prepared as a mash, adding tomato, peppers and various seasonings.These dishes contain few calories, but at the same time they are very generous and tasty.Therefore, people who are watching their figures, they probably will like.