How much does a wedding?

That is the moment when the lovers dare to seal their relationship by marriage.And each pair very much that it became an unforgettable day for themselves and for relatives and friends who will want to spend this day of celebration with the newlyweds.In order to triumph was a success, you need to thoroughly prepare for it and stock up on finances, t. To. The cost of a wedding today is quite large even invite her closest people.

unequivocal answer to the question, how much is a wedding, and there can not be.It depends on where it is carrying out (for example, the cost of a wedding in Moscow will be an order of magnitude higher than in Voronezh and Krasnodar), and on the wishes and tastes of the newlyweds themselves, and how many guests will be invited to the celebration.So say some generalized sum that may be needed to hold the wedding, almost impossible.However, you can select some of the most important moments of the wedding, without which it can not do, and those moments in which you can save.

So, the first part of the cost - is clothing and accessories for the bride and groom.Believe me, the answer to the question of how much the wedding, much depends on this item.The cost of the dress for the bride can range from a few thousand to millions when it comes to exclusive designer models.The first bride must decide whether it will sew a dress, buy or rent.Of course, buy ready-made clothes will cost more than its sewing or rental, but in this case, you can select an inexpensive salon and buy a dress for a very reasonable price.Hire a wedding dress will cost about half the price of its sale price, but will need to return it in perfect condition.If you damage it, the amount of the cost of the wedding suddenly increase due to the payment of the full amount of the dress.

situation costume rental for the groom is about the same.However, if the groom has a habit to wear suits everyday life, it is more profitable to buy a suit, rather than rented, becausein contrast to the bride, then it can still be worn.

car rental pick up and accessories: jewelry, veil, gloves, tiaras, barrettes and even suspenders.All this will help to save the wedding budget.But better to buy new shoes, t. To. It should be comfortable.

following mandatory attribute wedding - a wedding ring, which traditionally should be golden.Their value depends on the tastes and possibilities honeymooners: you can choose the most common ring, and it is possible - with diamonds or engraved exclusive.Do not do a wedding without the bride's bouquet, but if you plan to invite guests to a restaurant - and then without invitation cards.

Another item of expenditure (optional, but it is very desirable for any bride) - a professional make-up and manicure.Of course, you can save money and do your own make-up and manicures.But in fact, in almost every city you can find a make-up artist, who will make a nice make-up for a couple of thousand, even cheaper to manicure.And the result will be, they say, "there is."

With regard to transport, which will move around the couple, it can be very different from the car of someone from friends that only have to decorate, to limousine or coach.

question, how much is a wedding depends largely on the celebratory banquet.It is important and the number of guests and the venue.For a wedding on a budget, you can choose a cafe on the outskirts of the city, and if finances permit - a restaurant, club or house with a private pool, beach, park, etc.In addition, none of the modern wedding is complete without music and toastmaster, the payment of which also costs money.Although if the wedding with a small number of guests, and the guests - sociable themselves can entertain yourself, then by Toastmaster services may well be abandoned.

Another important point - the photographs.Here, too, there are many nuances.For example, you can order professional photography only in the registry office, and then hope to cameras guests.However, in practice, most of the newlyweds bought not only photos, but also video recording.

From what can be waived?Fireworks, launching pigeons, visiting registration limousine to stay for the wedding night - nice, but not necessarily constitute a wedding.Their cost can also be very different.For example, the cost of visiting a wedding can be a not so great if you do not shoot for the ceremony separate place, and hold it in the restaurant.

To calculate how much wedding in your city, you need to choose what of the above listed items you need, and to clarify their value on the Internet.