Moldavian wedding

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begin to prepare for the wedding in advance.About a year before the proposed date.Firstly, you should choose the right wedding day to get around while fasting.The vast majority of young and now crowned.Second - you must choose nanashey.This feature is characterized by the Moldovan custom.

Nanashi - posazhёnnye parents are close relatives of the young.They help newly-family advice and support both morally and financially.As a rule, prosperous couple newlyweds older, but younger than their parents, which the husband and wife will respect and obey.It can be a family elder brother or sister, but never allowed the relatives and friends of parents or young.Ultimately, nanashi - it is the responsibility and material costs, so find a decent pair for the role - is half the battle.Traditional Moldavian wedding without nanashey simply will not take place!

the appointed day, smartly dressed groom rides for nanashami.According to tradition, it brings spouses beautiful fresh loaf embroidered on Moldovan rushnyk.Of course, everything is decided in advance, but the bread has to be accepted with gratitude - that means consent.

Moldavian wedding begins with the traditional bride price.This custom has much in common with the Slavic customs.The protagonists here - witnesses for the bride and groom.They are called vornichel and friend.Friends of the bride, led by the witness-druzhkoj ask tricky questions to the groom and his friends, preventing the free passage to his bride.Redemption takes money and sweets.

If the wedding takes place in the city, and the bride lives in an apartment building, it is best to remove the appropriate hotel room, in which the bride and will await the arrival of the groom.No advice "how to photograph the wedding" does not make for good shooting faceless bride price in the stairwell typical home.

That's not all!On the way to the bride, and even when it is the bride and groom hand in hand go to the registrar or to the church, along the way the children strive to pour a bucket of water at his feet.This tradition symbolizes the obstacles to happiness.In response, the groom must also give them a few coins.

Moldavian wedding held at the behest of the young and their parents.If they think for some reason that you need to do the wedding - the relationship can simply register in the registry office, it costs less than 10 dollars.The ceremony included a march by Mendelssohn, and a small pagan rite - Search in a bowl full of wheat, wedding rings.It is believed, who finds the ring first - to be head of the family.Married is more expensive: $ 20-30 plus a bottle of wine and a few kalaches.Still, the Moldovan wedding in marriage, despite the abundance of hassle and a lot of costs - this rule and its absence - an exception.

Wedding necessarily held the same day as the registration in the registry office, but always after it.The Moldovan unregistered churches are not married couples.The next important stage - the ballroom.After painting the young witnesses going to lay flowers to the monument, and the rest go to the banquet hall.In fact, rural Moldovans adopted banquet tables cover the special guest room Casa Mare, but the Moldavian wedding - too crowded for this option.Rent for a restaurant or a banquet hall, which is in every village.The most economical option - Moldavian wedding in a huge tent in the yard of the house.

Mandatory program Moldavian wedding - it's live music and home-made wine.Musicians play from 3 pm to 6 am.Dancing on the Moldovan wedding - this is probably the main element of fun.Dance pelenitsu arose Chain dance folk dances, but mainly - the lyric "ballads".So, wine, dancing, shouting "bittersweet."The most interesting thing begins midnight.Each of the guests says health resort in honor of the young and read out loud as he gives them money.Things give only close relatives.All the donated money on the tray give the young couple.They go to sleep, and the guests have fun till the morning, much as you can.