Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the wedding

this day a pair of silver are surrounded by people who saw how a family, grow in her children and grandchildren.Congratulations on 25 years of wedding fly from all over the world from relatives and friends, who did not find the opportunity to congratulate personally, but remembering the anniversary of their loved ones.

silver - precious metals, and the wedding called "silver" is much higher than on the status of those weddings that were celebrated annually by this anniversary (cast iron, nickel, copper, tin, etc.).It's the result of well-organized life of two people who make the effort to build a joint happiness.Silver anniversary underscores the value of family capital, which includes trust, respect, love, caring.

try to invite to the celebration of those who witnessed the compound pair of twenty-five years ago.Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the wedding of their mouths will be doubly pleased silver pair.My wife can wear this holiday (if preserved and appropriate) the wedding dress, which once gave an oath of loyalty and love to her husband.You can show off his wife at the ceremony in a new dress from light fabric, preferably silver or close to the color shade.My husband is desirable to be in a dark suit classic, emphasizes its status as the head of the family.

The celebration always present and take an active part not only parents and children anniversaries, but also their grandchildren.It is up to those members of the family happy "couple" hear funny greetings with silver wedding in poems or songs with rhymes or couplets in honor of the heroes of the day paraphrased.Competitive and game programs can make themselves members of the family prepares surprises parents, or to entrust this business to professionals with extensive experience in conducting such activities.Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the wedding of his beloved parents, close friends or relatives can be ordered at local television and radio, placed on urban LED screens.

If you have some free funds used for congratulation with 25 wedding anniversary billboards, city-light-posters and other means of outdoor advertising.The main thing that your congratulations silver wedding did not go unnoticed by the hero of the day.Therefore consider how to smuggle them through the city past these places, gently drawing attention to a pair of silver congratulations addressed to them.

after precious silver anniversary couple, celebrating 25 years of life together, exchanging silver rings are worn on the adjacent (middle) finger next to the gold and dancing wedding waltz.In memory of husband and wife is sure to emerge memories of how it was 25 years ago.

If children are "married" well aware of the history of dating their parents, their marriage can come up with the original form of congratulations 25 wedding anniversary, beating this time with the help of photos, slides, films and videos.Guests themselves heroes of the day, when he saw on the screen those moments of happiness that joined two hearts into one, will be delighted to go back to that happy time when many of them were young.This day may sound retro music and songs of young couple silver.

hall decoration for the holiday must be kept in silvery tones.The balls, bows, lace tape, tablecloths, napkins, candles and many other things can be used to decorate the place where the wedding will take place silver.On the tables on the possible use silverware.For his lack of good will gold-plated cutlery, and nickel silver.

on silver wedding give things made of nickel silver, silver or black.It can be decorative items, silver coins, statues, vases, crockery, cutlery (for example, two tea spoons or coffee), etc.

Silver anniversary of the wedding - a joyous event in the life of the family.Let these happy moments in the life of silver anniversaries will be more!