How to celebrate 55 years of marriage?

55 years of marriage - is a very important day not only for the couple who lived together for more than half a century, but also for their children, grandchildren, relatives and friends.The symbol of this anniversary is the emerald.

is worth noting that this gem is not for nothing symbolizes 55 years of marriage.The fact that it is world famous for its beauty, and most importantly - a rarity.And the emerald wedding - it is very rare, because not every couple is destined to live together for so long.

addition, emerald - a stone of wisdom and understanding.Yes, I lived so many years together, the couple has long learned to understand each other without words.Now, in regard to the rights of their dedication, understanding and respect.

55 years of marriage: how to celebrate?This is a wonderful and important for each anniversary necessarily need to have fun to celebrate.The couple in this age do not have neither the strength nor the ability to organize their own celebration.It therefore believes that the holiday should engage children and grandchildren couples.They need to gather under one roof all the close friends and relatives.

As for the scenario of the holiday, then there are no specific conditions.The main thing - is that an elderly couple had been convenient and comfortable.The Jubilee can be held in the restaurant, or organize a home dinner.

In the design of premises should prevail Emerald green.

This anniversary has its own traditions.The fact is that having lived so long and eventful life, from anniversaries already have vast experience in the creation of family happiness.And it is these knowledge they have to share the festive table with their grandchildren.

55 years of marriage: what to give?Of course, among the gifts should be present products from this gem, for example, pendants, rings, earrings, cufflinks and tie pins.You can donate figurines, boxes and other home decorations inlaid the stone.Yes, emerald jewelry - a very expensive gift, but fifty-five years of life are worth, because not everyone can celebrate this anniversary.In addition, the emerald is known for its healing properties as well as a way to positively affect a person's memory and his overall health.In addition, as a rule, decorations, donated that day, become a kind of symbol kind - family jewels.

In addition, 55 years of wedding - it's a huge way of life, full of memories of achievements and downs.Therefore, we can give something to do with the last couple.For example, if you saved the old photographs, you can personally make a true family album in which every photo - that's the whole story.

This respectful age is very important for the people of their history.If you have the opportunity - that make a family tree of your family.Let it become a new family heirloom that will be passed in your family, constantly adding new faces.

Another great idea - is to create portraits of your parents' written by hand of a talented artist.Believe me, this gift is it is very pleasant.And if the couple at the time left her home, you can go to the city and to film the places where your parents grew up.After all, memories - is the most valuable treasure of each person, especially after so many years.

If your family have any old relics, then it is necessary to restore them and to present a gift jubilee.

Remember that whatever your gift and congratulations emerald wedding will be pleasant heroes of the occasion.But even more fun they bring the best wishes of happiness and gratitude.After all, people in this age, the family - the most important thing.