Humorous congratulations for a wedding , gifts with humor and original toasts to make this day truly unforgettable!

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Even in ancient times the wedding was one of the funniest and most beloved folk festivals.In celebration usually invited entire villages and walked for three days.Many of those old wedding traditions from the past are revived in our time again.But with a custom wedding gift to say in honor of the young comic congratulations for a wedding and there forever!

And where else people have fun, but at the wedding table?When else can you be so relax and poizoschryatsya in his wit and eloquence?That's funny guests in honor of the newlyweds and read out not only humorous comic congratulations with the wedding in prose, and even compose ironic poems - farewell to the future family life.

«Oh you goy Thou, my good fellow,

bright-eyed Andrew Vladimirych yes!

(«Vasiliy bright-eyed" or

«Alexander - Bright Falcon - Ivanovich." Or you can "clear-eyed Peter A. You" and the like)

took you to wife myself virgin red,

Needlewoman yes razumnitsu.

So now take care of his gold

Forest eyes!Such beauty -

gift of fate, which, Falcon, our,

Before board coffin did not get rid of ...

Khol and nezhi your you treasure,

Protecting rest of her morning,

in bed, do not forget before the travail

skidyou tell her the coffee hot to.

Kohl your good will supruzhnitsa,

and obedient, and judgment,

Coffee can even pour a cup,

smacking kiss on the cheek goodbye yet.

Kohl grumpy got scandals,

wasteful and unruly -

Coffee just to bed Give you to her -

And then she would guess at the moment,

it is not necessary to cut a gentle husband,

good husband but caring.

and salary from her not to conceal!

If tolechko very small -

to gift his wife's favorite ...

And for the holidays, dove brilyatnovy,

Do not forget to give her headphones,

That night, when the internet you,

not interfere rest her music sound".

That something like this could start humorous congratulations for a wedding, addressed to the newlyweds.Some very talented merry make out their wishes in a huge colorful postcards.If a card to make more cardboard template and place among the most cards and template strut, beautifully packaged it in a gift wrapper, and even bring the comic "gift" with deliberate work, then all present the impression that now will do more, and perhaps, expensive offerings.

Naturally, after the "gift" will be deployed and humorous read out congratulations for a wedding, the guest must give the young a real valuable gift, so as not to offend the spouses.

Although quite often as the first, so to speak, ironic, act and other wedding humorous gifts: a whole bunch of nipple - pacifiers, wrapped in a huge number of newspapers to give volume, a mop or a pan with a beautiful bow and a sign indicating the name of the object as"instrument of education of disobedient spouse" apron for the young man with the words: "Remember, the husband - you're the boss!»

can also give her husband a hanger in the form of horns and either discuss the time, or to attach a plate engraved:

«Lethorn in your family

are only on the wall! »

In general, it is desirable to accompany each gift funny humorous story about its application in the future family life.For example, iron or the TV so you can discuss:

«Andrew, tell me, please, to the question: why the fan spinning?Probably because of his cut in a wall socket.And why did not the iron spins (or TV, computer, refrigerator, or any other electrical appliance)?Voooooot then, and the rub!And this, you are our Andrew, all because a prudent owner firmly holding the handle everything that belongs to him!So now you just hold fast to handle his little wife that she did not even think to spin! »

and ends with humorous greetings in traditional wedding words" Kiss! ", Under which the couple have to kiss in front of the guests.This exclamation can also be fun to beat in the verse:

«So that you did not touch the separation,

golovochku Take a bow.

For appetite, wait a minute ...

Found a tincture of wormwood here!

And let there be bitter now

only onions and sage tincture!

bitter! »