How to increase the white blood cells in the blood of medicines and nutrition?

Because of malnutrition or exposure to intensive chemotherapy in the blood can cause a serious shortage of white blood cells.During therapy, they disappear because cytotoxic agents used to treat, destroy rapidly growing cells.Most healthy cells divided slowly, unlike tumor.But no less quickly appear and blood forming, so chemotherapy kills them with malignant.When malnutrition is getting worse, too, the process of hematopoiesis, so the question "how to increase white blood cells in the blood?"It becomes very relevant.The decision depends on the extent of the problem: sometimes need help pharmaceutical and sometimes enough to adjust the diet.So how to increase white blood cells in chemotherapy and other disorders of the blood and why is it so important?

Why the body white blood cells?

chemical or radiation therapy damages the cells and is fraught with leukopenia.With prolonged exposure to medical courses required to take preventive measures to reduce the negative impact on the body.Worry about how to increase the white blood cells in the blood, it is important because, without them suffering immunity.Disastrous turn any drafts or minor scratches.In addition, the immune system helps a person to deal with the tumor, so it is doubly dangerous depression.

How to increase white blood cells in the blood of pharmacological agents?

If leukopenia turned into a pronounced form, pick it solely through a healthy diet is unlikely to succeed, though it will be a very important factor.Oncologists recommend to use medications to stimulate leykomielopoez.This process leads to faster release of leukocytes in the blood flow, strengthens their membrane and allows more to endure the impact of chemotherapy.Medicine for such a situation are "Batilol", "leucogen", "Tsefaransin" nukleinat and sodium.In a milder form means promote leykomielopoez "Methyluracil" chlorophyllin sodium, pyridoxine, and other substances.In some cases, doctors also attracted special techniques, such as holding autogemoimmunoterapii recombination interferon.This method of restoring the blood to help patients who have suffered some debilitating course of radiation or chemical therapy.

How to increase white blood cells in the blood of folk remedies?

Pets techniques based on the use of certain products.The diet should be discussed with your doctor, as the use of non-normalized fortified beverages or food additives can only worsen the situation.It is desirable to find an answer to the question "how to increase white blood cells?"in conventional products, the dosage of which can not cause harm.For such food relates buckwheat and oatmeal, dairy products, fish, red caviar, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, beet juice or barley water, honey, chicory, nuts, sprouted grains and legumes, as well as a small amount of good wine.With all of these products can be good to adjust the level of blood in the blood and to restore the body's defenses.