Excessive pedantry.

«He is a pedant!" - Say about a worker, referring to his meticulousness and diligence, desire to deeply understand the business.The same definition is allowed and pedants that seeks to comply with all the requirements of leadership, often without delving into the essence.Of course, in the first case intonation approvingly while the second - judgmental.So can we say about the pedantry, what character trait is worthy of imitation?In some cases, it is good, and what is not?What does it mean for the surrounding pedantry and loved ones?

Like every personal characteristic thoroughness is good in moderation and when she found a good use.If one refers to the assigned work responsibly, especially when he holds a position that requires strict observance of service regulations, we can confidently assert that it is a good pedantry that such quality can only be welcomed.An example is the accuracy of the compliance lawyers, notaries, pharmacists and other professions that require the absolute rejection of any initiative.A good habit to always be on time.Only kind words deserves used to dress neatly.

However, excessive desire for scrupulous observance of some rituals, often invented their own, can testify to a painful state of mind.Psychiatry operates the term "anankastic psychopathy," that is unhealthy pedantry. What anankastizm and how to recognize it?

Like many other mental illnesses, excessive pedantry easy amenable to diagnosis. Outwardly a person looks perfectly healthy, and only after long intercourse cannotice some oddities of his behavior that seem harmless enough. This includes, for example, the cost is unreasonably long time to work, usually home that other people will perform quickly. If anancast going to cook buckwheat porridge, the rump, he will cycle through an hour or more, whilewithout experiencing any discomfort from the boredom of his classes. Crockery them peremoetsya several times. Coming out of the house, he often to check how well the valve is closed, is disabled if a gas cooker and electric appliances, done while a few laps on your own apartment. Attempts to others, even injokingly said about pedantry, what quality is good in moderation, anancast reacts quite aggressively.

at work not related to the increased requirements for meticulousness, this quality may be affected badly.Excellent management by following a few instructions, such employee may be inadvertently promoted to, and here is his character traits manifest in all its glory, is a pedant perceive as encouraging thoughtlessness and blind adherence to the instructions, and then not be good for everyone, especially his immediate subordinates.

With regard to the ability to take independent decisions, which is so necessary for each head, then in this case it is not worth to expect.Any non-standard situation pedant-anancast enters into a state of stupor, blind, and until it receives the approval of the higher court, the case will be, but in this case, it will take all possible efforts to add to the responsibility.