Interesting Tajik names

Tajik names have a long history of its formation and development.During this time, the nation many times under pressure from other cultures and religions.It has had a significant impact as the Arab nation is most closely located.In general, the Tajik anthroponymy formed under the influence of a variety of cultural, historical, political and socio-social factors.Greatly influenced by Islam.This religion was widely known as a result of wars and confrontations with the Arabs, who made captives Tajiks change their faith.In connection with the change of naming traditions transformed themselves Tajik names.This has led to borrowing anthroponymic model in which the present as the main nickname and patronymic, that is binding to a short race and ancestors.

In the future the structure of the name has become complicated: added titles and honorary nicknames that point to the man belongs to the noble estates.This stratification of society was conditioned by social etiquette and allocate each position in government service.In addition, the names of the Tajik shows the position of the individual in society, not only in existing consoles, but also by their location in the structure.For example, the title Khoja, which is located immediately before the main name indicates that its owner belongs to the caste of merchants and officials of offices, while finding a title at the end of the name meant that the carrier is a descendant of the "righteous caliphs".Due to its illustrious ancestor man might have this or that title, even if he was not involved in this service.

After the establishment of Soviet power in Central Asia, class distinctions have disappeared, and restrictions have also established a new Personal Names System.At this stage, significantly influenced by Russian culture as naming, and the linguistic traditions of the country.Gone honorary titles and nicknames, instead of them appeared in the names and patronymic names, which are also formed under the influence of Russian anthroponymic model.

Today, young Tajik parents choose names for their pronunciation and interpretation, and can name their child in honor of a respected relative, or famous historical figures.Preserved only consoles to major names, which are used among peers and show respectful and friendly attitude in the everyday-consumer environment.Thus, Tajik names (male) supplemented endings "-John" "-sho" "-hon" and "-boy".Examples of such nicknames can become John Muhammad, Rahimboy, Davlatsho and others.The most common male names are the following: Orash, Abir, Fayzulloh, Zaylobuddin, Isuf, Qamar, Kamuriddin and others.

Women Tajik names are supplemented by components "-niso" "-M" and "-gul."Common considered Nodir, Barbigul, Boni, Barfimna, Dilhoh.