Municipal law

Municipal Law, as well as any other of its branches, is a collection of related legal norms that regulate and fix specific terms of public relations.It is based on constitutional and administrative law.The principles of operation of any local government (ie local authorities) are based on them.You can also watch a lot of borrowing from other sectors.Municipal law is relatively independent scientific discipline.Included in the program of all legal courses.Its study for law students is a must.

concept and subject of municipal law.

main condition for the development and formation of municipal law is considered to be objective certainty.Municipal Law, of course, has its own thing.Talking about social relations emerging in the field of local governance.There are certain circumstances that must be considered when determining the subject.In the first place, such circumstances should include the fact that this branch of law is complex, relationship with other sectors is obvious.For example, the constitutional and municipal law have a direct connection, which is subordinate to the second position, spelled out in the first.

subject of municipal law, one way or another, involves the relations, which in most cases are governed by a complex - that is, at once several industries.In connection with this part of the regulations of various industries is the norm of municipal law.Generally, they are regulated by a system of private law relations and, of course, publicly legal nature.In the first case related to the business activities of various kinds of municipal enterprises, individuals and legal entities with local authorities.

public legal relations connected - the interaction of municipal and state governments.Municipal law usually regarded as a collection of various types of legal institutions with comprehensive, that is, regulate a variety of public relations.Also under municipal law to understand a set of rules and institutions that have emerged in the process of law-making municipalities, the Russian Federation and its subjects.Municipal law fully reflects the interests formed and regulated at various levels of public authority, controlled by the interaction of these levels, check the balance of interests.

On the whole, this branch of law regulates social relations, which can be divided into several groups:

- caused when the bodies were municipal government as an institution of democracy;

- caused when individuals or local government is implementing a law;

- incurred due to actions of some local governments;

- caused by the actions of persons having official powers granted to local authorities.

is also worth considering the relations arising when the local government interacts with the public authorities, or in the process of inter-municipal cooperation.

Municipal Law and its sources

Of course, the first in the list is the Constitution of the Russian Federation.In second place - the international treaties of the Russian Federation, followed by numerous federal laws, decrees of the Government of our country, the presidential decrees.Also refer to the sources of municipal legal acts, decisions taken at the meetings.More known legal and contractual sources of the law.