Safety helmet.

protective helmet is a hat which serves to protect groups of workers who work in dangerous conditions.It builders, miners, rescuers, cavers, motorcyclists and paratroopers.Safety helmet is used to protect the top of the head from falling objects, the action of water, electricity, metal splashes.The material for helmets is a high-density polyethylene, although in the most recent developments began to be used polypropylene, and other polymeric materials.


Safety standards require the installation of the workplace, where there is a risk to cause injury to the head, safety sign "Work in a protective helmet."It has code M02 (LC-12).The design of PPE is:

  • carrier tape is located on the head so that the coverage of the head occurred in a place where the maximum volume.
  • occipital tape produces an additional strengthening of the helmet on the head is below the carrier tape in the neck area.
  • Shock - a device that produces coverage of the head from all sides.The most important design helmets, resilient during the fall of heavy objects on the helmet, smoothing the impact force.
  • inner padding is designed to improve comfort during wear.All internal part is covered with a special material gently hugs the head.
  • Depreciation tapes are similar in their effect damper helmets.They smooth out the force of the blows.
  • protective padding - a material that contributes with dampers absorb the impact force.
  • Ventilation holes - holes which are applied in the helmet in order to ensure proper air circulation between the helmet and head.
  • Chinstrap - for the final fixing on the head.It allows you to capture perfectly the helmet without letting it slip.

tools to protective helmets

helmet does not interfere with wearing respirators against dust and goggles.Operate the protective helmet made of polyethylene, can be in the temperature range from -50 to +40 degrees Celsius.

have special protective helmet, characterized by high heat resistance.Such products can be prolonged to operate at a maximum temperature +150 0C.Also, they can briefly withstand temperatures of 1000 0C.

have PPE, entitled "Protective helmets" Standard regulates the size of the fields and canopies.According to the requirements of GOST construction safety helmets must be equipped with fields less than 1.5 cm in width and the peak having a width not greater than 6 cm. For the miners' helmets requirements are slightly different: the width of the field - no more than 1 cm, and the visor - 45 cm. for underground works, as well as where you want protection from dripping water, required to have a helmet circular field width greater than 2 cm and waterproof capes.All the miners' protective helmets should be fit to mount the lamp head and the cable to it.

During operation, there is often a need for attachment to protective helmet earphones or face shields.To avoid surprises must be buying the products described, to find out, what brands are compatible mounts purchased construction helmets.

use this PPE (personal protective equipment) in hot weather accompanied by intense sweating in the head.In this case, it is recommended to wear a balaclava under the helmet.Why is it needed?Balaclava under the helmet - an accessory, keeping a good overview, and eliminates the need to wipe the sweat from his forehead and eyes.

on the helmet shell must necessarily bear the product type, size, manufacturer's trademark, month and year when it is released.The tests must comply with the requirements of GOST 12.4.207-99.


Traditionally protective helmet for construction is available in two colors: orange and white.Nowadays, however, use other options: blue, yellow, green, red.In the area of ​​the frontal part is the place to apply the logo.For workers of various specialties designed helmets in different colors:

  • white - used by management companies and organizations, departments and sections, specialists of occupational safety and health;
  • red is designed for engineers and technical workers, foremen, superintendents, chief power engineers and mechanics;
  • orange and yellow worn younger workers and service personnel;
  • brown - for the miners;
  • blue - for the rescuers.


considered most ancient Sumerian helmets helmets, appeared in the middle of the III millennium. BC.They took the form of low domes, not differing significantly from the modern helmets.

One of the first PPE head is a cap - a fur cap, which has a volume and protects from cold weather and in battle.During the development of civilization, people have come to the manufacture of helmets made of metal and leather.

helmet originally used during the war and served to protect against a variety of shell and bomb fragments and bullets a little punchy power.

The Russian army helmet hit in the XVI century.By the beginning of the XIX century they were used as headgear arms, who fought with cold steel.It dragoons and cuirassiers.The helmet is allowed to some extent prevent the blow cut his head from above.It served as a milestone on the way to the invention of a protective helmet.Its name comes from the Latin word which meant a metal helmet.

now arranged production of protective helmets, using the highest technology and protects from the dangers of various classes, such as the red-hot metal falling on the head with a heavy object.

Operating Guidelines

  • helmets is forbidden to repair.
  • daily inspection must be carried out throughout the life in order to detect defects in a timely manner.
  • Helmet, which experienced strikes, as well as traces of injuries on or inside must be replaced.
  • Sanitization helmets during operation is immersed in a solution of bleach (5%) or a bleach solution (3%) for 30-60 minutes, rinsing in cold water, wiping and natural drying.

warranty period

According to the regulations, manufacturers offer a guarantee that the protective helmet will meet the requirements of the standard.Naturally, in case, if the conditions of use, storage and transportation.From the date of manufacture of the protective helmet has a service life of 2 years.


consider whether there is a difference between expensive and cheap helmets.In specialty stores represented a sufficient amount of goods with the name of "protective helmets", the price of which varies between 60 and 2,000 rubles apiece.What is the difference between them?Can the expensive helmet saved from falling on the head with a brick?

Most of the construction companies do not torture yourself too many questions when buying cheap helmets to their employees.Is this the correct decision?In part, yes.However, the need to satisfy the main demand - to ensure worker safety.Each lot before reaching the outlets subjected to laboratory testing.On the shelves are permitted only helmets, corresponds to GOST.Thus, regardless of the price, each certified helmet can protect the builder.It is important that marking to identify the purpose.Helmets without markings are not able to guarantee security.

Many wonder: why expensive helmets are available?The price of luxury goods are often laid fee brand.In addition, the purchaser may require additional features: stylish design, shield or goggles, adjustable ventilation.

Other PPE

Most businesses have employees who to perform their duties in need of clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment.It can be gowns, rubber gloves, mittens building.However, not all employers know the rules of the issuance of PPE.Failure to do so is a material breach.Designed as a general issue of PPE standards and industry.They must follow every employer.