His majesty the king's Mushroom

Each hunter has his secrets in catching the beast.He knows his habits, habitats and so on. An quiet hunt, too, can tell a lot of interesting.And going on a hunt for the king of fungi certainly need to possess certain skills and knowledge where lives when growing.In people, a royal mushroom - a boletus or cep.He received its name in the first place, for the majestic view, and secondly, for an unusually tasty and tender flesh.The royal mushroom (picture shown below) to taste very similar to chicken.So how it looks and where to find it?And is there still pritendenty for this title?

Mushroom royal - white

representative of this looks very presentable, it probably can not be confused with any other mushroom.Hat big cushion, 10-20 cm in diameter.Color varies from dirty-pink to light brown.The pulp is fleshy, with a pleasant odor pronounced mushroom.Stem cylindrical, slightly curved.Royal mushroom (boletus) refers to a category I (totally edible).You can eat fresh, dried, salted and marinating.Boletus gr

owing in oak and mixed forests on clay soils.Collect it can be from May to November.

Mushroom royal - saffron

Many fans believe the king's forest gourmet mushroom mushrooms.It is they who they give this honorary title.In addition to the bright colors, which is lost during heat treatment and preservation, mushrooms have the highest taste.They belong, as well as mushrooms, Category I.Habitat - a pine forest.Grow mushrooms tend to their families in the form of lines and bands.

Mushroom royal - ram

assertion that many people, so many opinions on this issue can be paraphrased as follows: "How many people, so many royal mushrooms".Some directories mushroom picker, the royal title given to a very rare and delicious mushroom - ram.He looks very interesting - curled.Pulp, according to sources, reminiscent of the flesh boiled chicken.This fungus is listed in the Red Book.It grows under the oaks, hornbeams, chestnuts.Less can be found in pine forests.Growing single specimens.Collect this "prince" from July to September.

Mushroom royal - "royal eggs»

Meet one more representative of the royal family - the royal mushroom, also known as "the king's egg", it Tsezarsky.In the days of Ancient Roman Empire he was considered the best of the mushrooms.This is the only kind of fly agaric, which can be eaten.It grows in the Caucasus.It is a sort of an egg from MDM grows something resembling a mushroom.Only the bonnet slightly lighter and without white tochechek, diameter is 20 cm. The young mushroom cap is convex, but eventually becomes flat.Leg light yellow color.The flesh is yellow, with a pleasant mushroom smell.The fungus grows only in warm climates.Proedpochitaet deciduous forests, but can "wander" and coniferous forest.

Memo hunter

Entering the mushroom harvesting, stick to one rule - collect only those mushrooms, which are sure 200%.Good luck on a quiet hunt!And the king's catch!