As in "maynkraft" zaprivatit house on the server and you need to do

Multiplayer - it's quite a specific industry, as they are both very similar to the single, and incredibly much different from them.At the same time, "Maynkraft" is a masterpiece that is different from all the projects that the game industry has seen before, so the multiplayer in this game - it's a different story.If you want to try your hand at it, then you should start with a function such as private.With it you will be able to protect their property from attacks of enemies, so it's important to know all about it.Given the fact that you'll be sure to build a house, then it is necessary and to begin.So, as in "maynkraft" zaprivatit home server?

Private territory

Though the story you need to start with the house, better yet, in the first instance to tell about private session itself.If you want to learn how to "maynkraft" zaprivatit house on the server, you'll need a basic knowledge.So, this query commands - these are commands that you use in the game to prevent other players to take actions in a particular area or a particular object.So you can afford to allocate part of the world, which will host the undivided - nobody can break the blocks, destroy your buildings, mine your resources are and so on.This is a very convenient feature that allows you to protect against griefers and other cheaters.For private chat site you will need to get a wooden ax that you mark two opposing points of a parallelogram.He will represent the boundaries of your territory.But that's not all the functions of private chat - you might want to protect not only the territory, but a concrete structure.And then you have to learn how to "maynkraft" zaprivatit home server.

Private home

For a start it is worth noting that the very structure of zaprivatit you do not succeed - such a function in the game there.If you want to learn how to "maynkraft" zaprivatit house on the server, then you have to deal with this query commands for specific objects.In this game, you can limit access to certain things - to the plate, the trunk or doors.With labels, you can limit access to specific parts in the trunk, you can store items that do not want to share with others.But the door is just to help you achieve the original goal.If your door is zaprivachena, no one can open it and therefore enter your home.So, to do this, you have to use the command line, in which you need to register / cprivate.Then, right click on your door, you can set her privacy settings.Anyone who wants to get to your house, open the door, get the message that this is not possible.Now you know how zaprivatit house in Minecraft, but do not think that this will all end.There are also advanced settings that you can use.

Adding Players in private

When you get a handle on how zaprivatit house in Minecraft, and achieve your goals, you may have problems.You set an excellent defense, but because the server, there are not only enemies - there are also friends.So you need to know and a team that will allow you to access specific players to zaprivachennym subjects.To do this, you need to register the same command that you used to set the privacy settings, but to finish with the nicknames of the players who will be given free access.Naturally, you need to very careful to treat this action, so as not to give access to an unreliable man, who then undermine your confidence.You know what to write to zaprivatit house, you know the command that allow you to add new players to the white list access, but also should know how to give up privacy settings.

Removing this query

If you think that a privat you no longer need, then you should use the command / cremove - it is available only to the person who established the private, so even if you have been given full access tozaprivachennomu subject, you can not remove it with a privat.There is also another team that does not take away completely privat, but only makes the subject accessible to all - / cpublic.With both teams must be handled very carefully, so you do not regret what you have done.

Set Password

you know which team to zaprivatit house there, but sometimes this is not enough.Further strengthen the defense may be using a password.To do this, you need to enter the command / cpassword, after which you need to write the text of the password.And then when you try to open a door or the player box will display a window with the requirement to enter a password.So your things will be even more secure than before.Privacy settings on the servers is very important, as they can make your life easier and protected from unscrupulous players.