How to buy?

you decide to buy a painting?Read!

On modern websites for the sale of paintings You'll find thousands of reasons, usually divided into thematic categories.For their own convenience in the search pattern, avoid sites where the motives are not divided into categories.On sites that sell paintings, you can buy paintings to order or ready to choose among the motives.Very good when you can choose a motif, and only then decide which technique we are interested in.

that fits into a search engine to find exactly the picture that you want?

Try not to enter a phrase pattern.You will find many sites with the theme - which is associated with the pictures, but not engaged in sales.

Best of all - the picture and enter the phrase category that can contain the dates of your pictures, for example:

- painting flowers

- Landscape

- pictures of nature

If you still do not know which category you are interested advise to try- interior painting, contemporary paintings, paintings (paintings Moscow, online sale of pictures, sale of pictures of St. Petersburg).

Technique: Hand-painted.Paintings full of professional artist is a classic that never gets old.These pictures are suitable not only for classical buildings, but also for modern enough to find a suitable frame.These paintings are more expensive, but it is handmade, which will be relevant for many decades.

print on canvas .Some designers believe that to modern premises more suitable pictures printed on canvas.This is the truth - these images look very modern.Buying such a picture, remember that not all of the same print on canvas.If you purchase print UV (ultraviolet), your picture will hang over the years, while maintaining the brightness and color.Besides - you can wipe it with a wet sponge, which makes it an ideal design element nursery.
This technique of execution can be a bit of spice - covering it with clear gel.Because of this it will be similar to the hand-painted.

latter, the so-called fad in interior design is printing on organic glass (prints on plexiglass), so called plexiglass.Technique is very popular in Western Europe.Great for modern offices.On the glass is printed to the image - such as Picasso, under glass is white foam, thanks to which the image is gaining the required colors.As the fasteners used metal, chrome elements that give a picture in a form - unique luster.

What motives to choose?This question is of course a matter of taste - but remember that the motive should correspond not only your taste, but your interior.The most popular theme is at the moment - abstraction and reproductions of great artists - both global and domestic.In addition, more and more parents are buying paintings to their children, which is why children's motives are becoming more popular.
We should not forget about the motives of flowers - today in great demand poppies and magnolias.Magnolia fit perfectly into modern interiors.
for large interiors, I advise to choose the triptych (picture consisting of 3 parts) on the gallery stretcher (width 3 cm).

for rooms full of modern design - the most suitable to be printed on Plexiglas.
for a cozy, a home - hand-painted, preferably in a neat frame.

I hope this article will help liven up your wall and tell you how to choose the right picture for your interior.
I wish you good shopping!