Prayers before any case can help

prayers before any business can possibly give some better results than activities without them.More recently, scientists have discovered "the fourth" state of the brain (in addition to waking, fast and slow sleep) that occurs is during prayer.Priests read the usual alternating verses and prayers, while they filmed encephalogram.During this state, all brain rhythms slowed down to a state of non-REM sleep, even though all subjects were awake.After the end of the prayers the brain back to the previous regime.

It can increase the efficiency?

Prayer before every work must be useful, because, according to experts, at this moment disappear "sense of time", which will be able to do more and better for the same period of the allotted.In addition, prayers often gives good spirits, good mood, which is important in the working process.Note that the priests of the above experiment, the results are not surprising, but the skeptics and atheists found in the soil for reflection.

Prayer before every work there are different.The most common of these is as follows: in the first part of the petitioner refers to the omnipresent Creator, Wishmaster and invites him to come in and clean up beseeching from all defilement, to save the soul.The second part is devoted to prayer for help in fact, begins in the name of God.The last sentence refers to the person of Jesus Christ, son of God, with the prayer of helps him initiated in the name of the Holy Trinity.The prayer ends with the exclamation: "Amen."

pray and after

prayers before any business is not only to help in its commission.There is also a prayer service at the end of a process.Believers say, "Thank You, Lord" and turn to Christ to confer joy and fun and give it soul salvation.Priests recommend reading prayers in a calm atmosphere, removing from the heart of irritation, anger, bitterness, resentment.Before the prayer, you need to create the sign of the cross several times to bow.

how to read a prayer?Before you start any business it is worth remembering the instructions of its utterance.St. Theophan wrote that prayer to be read slowly, in a singsong voice (all the texts come from the ancient psalms, which is sung), delve into every word and thought.Prayer condition implies that a person is immersed in it by his heart and stay there as much as he wants to.After the prayer, it is recommended to think a little about what to do and adjust accordingly.

How to pray correctly?

What might be a short prayer?Before the start of the case you just want to say, "God bless!" Sign of the cross and bow.It is believed that the application can be successful in people who do not dedicate themselves only to worldly pleasures, trying to cleanse the soul from sin through repentance, to read and ponder, including the spiritual life.The priests believe that the fastest fulfilled the requests of those who ask about the eternal, not material or real, who asks about existing things, not invented by him personally, who prays several times and does not allow to reason to intervene in the faith.As shown by experiments with EEG, prayer - a special state, even the human body, the mechanisms of which are still not fully disclosed in terms of the existing intellectual achievements.