The trouble will support the prayer of the Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael helps in protection from thieves and other evil protects those who have suffered from natural disasters or military action.To him it made contact in trouble.


The literature describes the miracles that occurred with certain people who are holy.So, it is widely known that in 1239 the troops of Batu Khan Novgorod saved the phenomenon of Archangel.He stood in front of the attackers, and forbade them to go to the city.The war was stopped.Prayer Archangel Michael brings relief in everyday life.With it you can create yourself a little miracle.For example, students read it going to the exam.Those who travel frequently, too, are encouraged to contact the Holy.It helps to prevent the misfortune to pass the test without significant losses.Very beautiful legend associated with the name of Joan of Arc.They say she had seen the Holy.He almost managed its activities.And in the battle of Orleans he joined the French together with the Angels.

As Michael the Archangel Prayer heals ailments

to the saint can seek protection on any important occasion for the person.Small problems do not happen.If a person is worried about something, then it must
hear Saint Michael.Archangel, a prayer which will be sincere support to apply to any situation.It is believed that in the human body responsible for the Holy blood.If there are problems with this system, you need to read the prayer at night, accompanying its request to solve the problems.Prayer Archangel Michael brings relief to people suffering from hypertension.Its strength makes it possible to organize the work of the body so that there is cleaning the bloodstream, getting rid of blood clots.

Archangel Michael Prayer for the dead

If the soul lurking mountain, not the strength to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, it is recommended to refer to the Holy.For this purpose there is a special memorial prayer to Michael.It helps ease the bitterness of suffering.It is believed that if the address to Archangel during Holy Week, mentioning the names of the dead, the Archangel will help their souls to get out of hell.According to legend, at the time, Mikhail wing dampens their hell fire, blocking the path of sinners to Heaven.

Prayers Archangel Michael

words which are recommended to contact the Holy somewhat.So, there is a special prayer before the icon of which they speak, everyday, funeral.The texts can be found in prayers.There is also a shorter version, which is recommended to memorize.It can be read when nervous, afraid or worried.He will calm rushing thoughts and give hope for the best.The prayer uttered during unrest stops the flow of negative premonitions, does not create in your mind a picture of the future misfortunes.Naturally, the conditions for calm, switching logic.Thus, instead of imaginary problems a person receives the normal development of the situation.It is believed that it is best to contact the Holy night at Michaelmas.To list their problems, to remember the dead.

Prayer Archangel Michael - protection in any trouble.Clerics say that the Archangel is not a small problem.He comes to the aid of not only the heroes and all who need it.