Dream interpretation: the house is burning.

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We often have unusual or memorable dreams.Well, if they are bright and cheerful.And if you dreamed something strange, or even worse?In order to calm down and figure out what could it be, the most suspicious immediately look into the dream book.Burning house - it is one of the most common nightmares of many people.Such dreams can have many variations, and therefore interpretation of them are also different.Here are the most important and popular of them and try to answer the question, for it is good or to the bad.

What dream house?

Before interpreted nightmare of the burning home, you need to figure out what all can dream home.Most psychologists believe that this story is mainly concerned person himself or his entourage.This is due to the fact that the house is traditionally considered the personification of the inner world and the changes taking place in it, or any important event for the dreamer.

Such a vision may be quite different, so they have a lot of interpretations, depending on the condition or appearance of the dwellings selected appropriate.Help them understand the dream book.Solid house?The interpretation will depend on some of the details of the dream.

If the house burns in a dream

Consider the most popular interpretation, which can be found by looking in almost any dream book.Burning house, according to most psychologists, oddly enough, portends good luck and profits, perhaps unexpected.In particular, talking about this flower and Hasse.However, according to the dream book, burning house in a night vision in this case without any serious injuries, heavy smoke or casualties.

If the home is destroyed by fire, then the dream may be considered rather as a warning, which may materialize in the near future.It points to the possible theft or conflicts within.Also, this dream can mean sudden illness of someone from the home.But in any case it portends major changes in the near future.Especially if the house burned completely to the ground.

And when dream is very strong and acrid smoke, which almost can not see anything, it could portend betrayal.Nearby is untrustworthy and despicable man, so just in case it is better not to confide their secrets to unfamiliar people or the wrong friends.

happens that the dream has ended the fire.See full burned house - a big trouble.To extinguish a fire in your home - good luck to the band after the trouble.

Calling fire in a dream - to obtain important information that will help to achieve success.This vision characterizes the confidence and determination of man, his managerial and professional qualities.And if the dreamer himself satisfied with the arson at his home, it speaks of his desire to change and transformation in your personal life or at work.

Lit someone else's house?

It is important to remember exactly whose house is on fire in her sleep.From being a he or a stranger, acquaintance or not depends very much.Therefore it is necessary to clarify all the details before you look into the dream book.Solid house stranger - Tolkien future changes, seen in relation to the owners of the home.If it you know so well, and belongs to a friend or someone you know, you find yourself unwilling participant or a witness to future events.

A part in extinguishing the fire of another portends an unexpected work in the cold.If a person is watering watering can fire, the life he would settle any conflict.Fire in a dream extinguish other people?This is a good omen.

Interpretation women

There is a special ladies' dream book.Burned house, and it dreamed woman?It should pay close attention to their health and the state of their homes.

And the dream may relate to changes in both internal and external.That is how you need to follow the order in the house (possible breakage or theft), and for the emotional situation in order to avoid conflict with her husband or children.

If burning house dream man

If burning house dreamed man interpretation is likely to be linked to his professional activities.As heralds dream book, the house is burning - there may be some problems and difficulties at work.We should expect the machinations of enemies, or gossip.Can even the threat of dismissal.However, most, this dream is a warning, not a direct indication of the future.So, the negative impact can be avoided, with the best hand showing their professional quality.

This very close attention should be paid to the little things - usually all the troubles occur because of them.In addition, if you remember the dream book, see the burning house without any damage and injuries - to success.With regard to the business sector, it could spell an increase or a raise.

interpretation for young men and young girls

separate interpretation is and for unmarried girls.How warns dream book, the house is burning - so worth a closer look to your young person.Can betrayal or jealousy quarrel on the background.If the burning house dream girl free, it portends her stormy love affair, and rapid, because, as you know, fire is traditionally symbolizes passion.

and boys such dreams promise fun, cheerful companies and parties.

If burn any part of the house

great importance and what is space and the elements of the house on fire.So, what you can find out by looking at dream interpretation?Burned house is not entirely, but only the upper floors?This bodes losses and litigation.If only the roof, you can also expect financial difficulties.Doors on fire, portend trouble someone from relatives or the dreamer.But this applies only to your home.And if you burn someone else's door, then you have to wait for the guests.

If burning bed or sofa, which means that one of the relatives who are now sick zateet scandal.But the reason it is not hostility to the home, and malaise.And if the house burned all the furniture, troubles and disputes in the family will be prolonged.

Miscellaneous importance dreams about fire in separate rooms and environments.The kitchen is responsible for the atmosphere in the house and family comfort.Therefore, if the fire covered only this room dream foretells quarrels and squabbles between relatives.The flame burns in the room?This dream - a harbinger of adultery, which later will bring the most serious and unexpected problems.The fire in the dining room heralds host disease.Similarly, the meaning has another version of this nightmare.Thus, the dream that lit room?This is also to the disease, and, galloping.Burning barns portend the failure of hopes and plans.

By the way, according to the French dream book, when the flames raging just outside the house, but does not touch it, it's a good omen: all your efforts will be judged on merit.The fire broke out inside the home?This means that it will settle quarrels and discord.

lit a house or a lot?

interesting value has another vision.Let's look at dream interpretation.The fire house is on fire, and the flames spread to neighboring buildings?It is a joy.And when the lights many houses are expected great happiness.And this value is enhanced in case a fire dreamer watching from the side.But at the same time to look at the burning house from the crowd - for libel.

Interestingly, if the dream of a fire in the winter - will be cold, and in summer - the hot weather.

Now we know how to interpret dream book burning house, what a dream it is unusual night vision.However, it is worth remembering that no one interpretation can not be considered completely accurate.After all, dreams are most strongly influenced by the personality of the person and often the events occurring around him.So, for example, if a vision of a burning house after a major argument, perhaps, the subconscious took it as fire.

Thus, in a dream a person get rid of negative emotions, and in real life it is waiting for reconciliation and peace.Therefore, every interpretation is necessary to think and seek the true meaning of which depends on the dreamer.