How to choose a TV in the kitchen

Kitchen - the main room for the hostess, her ancestral lands and "personal account".But what if you want to cook dinner for the family, but this time starts favorite series?Will a small TV in the kitchen, which can be successfully fit into the interior of the room.It's also nice to get together for dinner with your family and watch your favorite TV program.

What should be the TV for the kitchen?First of all, it is important resolution.TV must choose a small, compact, LCD, with a screen diagonal from seventeen to twenty-one inches.In order to more accurately calculate the parameters of the device, it is necessary kitchen length (m) multiplied by a factor of six.

choosing TV, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the image reproduction on the screen.Contrast ratio and color level is eight to one hundred or one.To the TV in the kitchen was well chosen and pleased households, it is necessary that these values ​​were greater its parameters listed above.Another important feature is the brightness of the image.It must be from four hundred to four hundred and fifty cd / sq.m.Lower rates may adversely affect vision.To make it convenient to watch programs and movies from anywhere in the kitchen, it is necessary that it has a viewing angle of not less than one hundred and seventy degrees.A nice addition, which can have a TV in the kitchen will be a timer, FM-radio, teletext, clock and other extras.But it is worth to observe moderation.After all, the kitchen is not possible to use a variety of options, which is crammed with modern technology.Such a TV would be more appropriate to look in the living room.For rooms where the cook and dine more important parameters are the volume of the speakers, as well as the clarity and brightness of the image.

In the kitchen, the TV has to work from the antenna, and thus receive the signal well.In today's digital models of the high sensitivity of the tuner, so the preference is to give them.

necessary to consider how to be a TV in the kitchen, you need to do to add to the interior of the room.As a rule, because of the shortage of places to place the LCD device is on the wall or on a special shelf to the ceiling, which is necessary to drive the bracket.It can be included with the TV.

Well, if the kitchen has a television remote control and a button on the case.The last rescue, if the remote control is lost, is not available.But without it, yet it can not do if the device is high enough.Kitchen - a place where there is high humidity, there is a possibility of contamination of the equipment during cooking.Based on this, the TV must be purchased non-staining black.Although current models of television sets imported pleasing richness of colors.Their hulls are not afraid of grease and dirt.

Compact TVs for the kitchen produced many popular brands.There are waterproof models created specifically for such premises.This option consists of two parts: an analog tuner and a mobile, lightweight monitor that can be easily moved around the kitchen space.Also, there are LCD TVs LCD-embedded, heat-resistant, hinged.