Some marsupials in Australia: a list and description of

Nine out of ten species inhabiting Australia are endemic, ie found nowhere else.Of particular interest among these are marsupials.On them will be discussed today.

Due to the fact that the continent lacked the higher mammals, Australian marsupials without competition, have created a great variety of species that are almost replaced biotypes higher mammals.For example, the now extinct Tasmanian wolf, having no relationship with the ordinary wolf, successfully held its niche, a wombat - a little marmot and marsupial mole marsupial protein and surprisingly resemble their prototypes of the same name, is not a member with them in a relationship.

marsupials of Australia (list): anteater (nambat)

marsupial anteaters have a small growth, a sharp snout, elegant variegated color and are famous for their long desyatisantimetrovyh language is almost half the length of the body.Eat nambaty termites, getting them to their amazing language.

from the other Australian marsupial anteaters are different in that

they do not brood pouch.Young centimeter their way to the mother's nipples and holding fast to the coat hang for 4 months near them.When the little crumbs grow (up to 5 cm), the mother leaves them to the shelter and had to feed only at night.

marsupials of Australia (list): koala

herbivorous marsupial koala - it is a peaceful animal.Most of the bear likes to sleep and eat, rest of the time spends on eucalyptus trees, still clinging to the branch.After a very short gestation koala gives birth crumbs that could fit in a teaspoon and weighs 5.5 g Kid taken for six months in a bag to my mother, and then, having strengthened, for some time, I go to her mother's back.

marsupials of Australia (list): Tasmanian Devil

In contrast to the peaceful and sleepy koalas, Tasmanian devils, possessing aggressiveness, stocky body, black color and a huge mouth, a bad name.He has a bad temper.He is able to break up their powerful jaws bone.Now the Tasmanian devil - is the largest marsupial predator Australia.However, along with small animals, birds and snakes, he simply eats tubers of plants and edible roots.A special place in the diet devil is rotten decayed flesh of dead animals.

female brings to 30 pups, and gets up her bags, as a rule, no more than 4. Their she brings up to 5 months of age, after which the seed passes to independent living.

marsupials (list): petauridae

Flying squirrels - are small (up to 30 cm) animals that live in hollows groups.Can fly from tree to tree using flying membrane between the legs, overcoming the distance up to 60 m. Are nocturnal.

marsupials feed on proteins sweet sap of eucalyptus or Akan and worms, crickets, and, of course, fruit.These cheerful and friendly animals like to keep local residents.

other marsupials of Australia: List

course, talking about Australia, you can not miss the kangaroo, but they already said a lot.In the same article for the story I was selected list of rare animals are described, although there is still a marsupial mole marsupial mouse, bandicoot, crafty, wombat and couscous.All of them are worthy of attention.