How to open the Task Manager in the Windows?

user operating system Windows, which does not know how to open the Task Manager, is completely vulnerable to errors in the work of most of the programs, of course, if they do occur.Familiarity with Microsoft's operating system should start with the Task Manager.The lack of knowledge of how to open the Task Manager at work on Windows, like swimming on a ship without a rudder: all is well and predictably as long as the wind is fair, but it's worth a small wave hit the stern, like a good ship out of control, turning intouncontrollable colossus.

Task Manager is one of the many system utilities.When you run displays a window with several tabs: "Applications", "Processes", "Services", "Speed", "Network" and "Users".The last four are informative:

  • «Network" allows you to monitor the activity of the network connection;
  • «Performance" shows the load of each CPU core (including virtual), and the percentage of use of RAM and additional memory;
  • tab "Services" in the Task Manager was incorporated into the system starting with Windows Vista.Displays system services;
  • «Members' allows you to manage active accounts.It works only when run in administrator mode.

But the first two tabs - a real salvation for the users, so it is necessary to know how to open the Task Manager.To understand the importance of capacity Task Manager, imagine a very common, unfortunately, the situation in which one of the running application stops responding to action from the user is said to be "stuck."Reasons hovering can be very different: from the error in the application and ending with the wrong actions of the user.Try to run the player Winamp to a single play of several dozen songs - if the RAM is not enough, hang it processes, and soon the entire system is guaranteed.

For a beginner crash applications like snow on a hot summer day: the program does not respond to button presses, but what - is unknown.Usually saved by pressing the Reset button on the system unit.At best, it means a loss of unsaved performance and file system errors.Who knows how to open the Task Manager, easy to be able to interrupt the execution frozen application without resorting to Reset.To do this, the tab "Processes" are frozen application and click "End Task."If the list of processes can not find the application you want, you can remove the problem in the tab "Applications", but this method is not always effective.

The forums are often asked how to open the Task Manager, Windows 7. In terms of launching the utility in the operating system, no special differences.Since the days of Win 95 basic combinations of buttons remained the same, although there are changes.

Open Task Manager is very simple.There are three ways:

  1. We direct the cursor on the taskbar (the strip at the bottom of the desktop) and click the right mouse button.There is a link to the Windows Task Manager.The easiest way to run, but is not always acceptable because, for example, from a full-screen application, this can be done.
  2. Click the famous combination of three keys - Ctrl + Alt + Del.In Windows to Vista is immediately led to the emergence of the dispatcher.The latest versions have to choose a start command from the menu.This method is convenient in that way you can get to the desktop, even from within the application in which there is no possibility of folding the open window on the entire screen.
  3. combination Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.Like the previous method, but directly cause the Task Manager.

master any (preferably all) way to run, the user will experience much less need to press the Reset.

Sometimes malware block the ability to run.In this case, you need to edit the registry or use an antivirus program.