Valiant Viking Ship and lifestyle

history happening for a long time by different people and nations.A huge contribution to the development of human civilization have made scientists and dreamers.But no less merit and to the soldiers during the campaigns they studied the face of the planet, mapping, got acquainted with the variety of flora and fauna.The mighty conquerors, terrifying all the coastal lands, and intrepid travelers, explorers waters and skilled tradesmen.I wonder who they are?Of course, it is the Vikings.The ship was also their home and means of transportation, and the last shelter in which they were sent to another world.The value of this facility in the life of the Scandinavians can not be overestimated.

scarcity of nature, difficult living conditions have determined not only occupation and the nature of the Vikings.It is displayed on the cultural development of their neighbors, both near and more distant.Lived Scandinavians birth, which is controlled by the kings.Often, these kings of the sea had its own land holdings, but some controlled waters.All the members of their family were in their squad, and go camping.The Vikings, a ship which was considered the main wealth and the value of the tribe, were obliged to take good care of the ship.Its sheltered from the elements, stored in a special shed when not used.

Viking ship, a photo of which is contained in this article, was built by the entire population, a purse.After all, this building was not only expensive but also time-consuming and complicated.Equipment and provisions are also stocked joint forces - from a successful campaign depended whole future life of the community.

In that distant era ships of different types built Vikings.The ship of the type intended for swimming in river estuaries and fjords along the rugged coast.Others were more stable and maneuverable, so they boldly went into the waters of the Atlantic.With the development of seafaring vessel becomes more and more, with a higher capacity.By the end of the tenth - in the beginning of the eleventh century the kings could Norwegian launched the ship in length and fifty meters, to control who needed thirty or more pairs of rowers.It is also widely used by the brave Normans sail.

As called Viking ships?"The big snake", "Dragon" - they were the terror of the English, German and French land only by their appearance.Sure, they were the pride of their owners, so artfully decorated.At the stern or bow carved wooden sculptures were installed (the snake, dragon head).They are not only frightened the enemy, but also protected from evil spirits.On land they were taken, as the Scandinavians believed that their beasts may infuriate local gods.

no doubt that some astronomical knowledge was not alien to the brave sailors.The Vikings, a ship that reached the Americas long before Columbus' expedition, well guided by the stars.Icelandic sagas mention stones drivers and sunny rocks: perhaps it was the forerunner of the modern compass.

ship - this is what allowed the Vikings long time to dominate the sea and the ocean.He introduced them to distant lands previously unknown food and helped them establish cities and entire states in the interior of the continent.