How to make a foundation, or a little about the basics of reinforcement at home

No one can build a really high-quality and safe home, if the house will not be as reliable basis.Thinking about how to make the foundation, do not forget about its reinforcement resorted to when it is necessary to ensure maximum reliability and durability of the home.Let's look at how to carry out reinforcement that increases the "vitality" of the finished structure.

In most cases, the technology of transverse installation.First and foremost, strengthen the foundation cushion.Of course, before you make the right foundation of the house, you must define the very feasibility of its construction.Reinforcing good because it allows you to almost completely neutralize even the minimum probability of cross trough, there is always a risk of something on the ground, potentially prone to heaving.When taking into account the fact that no tensile strength concrete does not have, if necessary, the construction of buildings on the ground heaving the type to carry out this operation is simply vital.

In addition, there is a technology of longitudinal installation.It should be noted that it is used before you make the right foundation on unstable soil, as well as on the construction of heterogeneous soils, which in the future will necessarily sink.In this case, the ideal would be to use a reinforcing mesh.Note that for high-quality potting bases or cushions should be applied to the net cross-section of the wire being used for at least 12 mm.

What are the rules during this process?Of course, the need to strictly comply with the general rules of concrete and structures thereof.But a special role in this case belongs to the accurate and correct calculations.

Take, for example, the transverse reinforcement type.Before you make the right foundation, you take the net with a cross section of 12 mm and a diameter of 200 mm cells.The diameter of the grid is necessary to take the smaller, the more likely the front of the cushion deflection as a result of physical deformation of the unstable soil.Much of this depends on the characteristics of your building material.For example, in the case of the construction of reinforced concrete slabs or bricks to boost the mandatory punching prism additional layers of mesh or rebars.So how to make the foundation of lay people in this version is difficult, do not neglect the help of qualified construction companies.

Unfortunately, even in the central regions of the cushion deflection probability is not zero.As we have already said, most often this happens because of the unevenness of the characteristics of soil at a particular site.The consequences are disastrous.

If it appears that only one armature (netting especially) is not able to resist deflection, look for ways to strengthen the very foundation by its thickening.In this scenario, not only to ask questions about how to make the foundation, but also directly procuring reinforcing the foundation for most brick walls of the house.