School of human relations as a new form of management of scientific management

At the turn of the 30-ies of XX century in the West began to form the first prerequisites for the establishment of a new school of human relations, which would complement the development of classical and scientific management schools.Matured the need to create a qualitatively new forms of governance, based on interpersonal relations with psychology and sociology.Each company within the framework of this theory was seen as a separate social system.The aim of the new techniques to prove the importance of the human factor as the main and principal element of effective organization of labor, as well as moving the emphasis from controlling the operation of HR.

school of human relations.Modern management approach

believed that the human relations school was founded by scientists Elton Mayo and Mary Parker Follett.Mayo conducts research in the field of motivation at the plant in Illinois "Western Electric Hawthorne" from 1927 to 1932-the year, I came to the conclusion that a good working environment, advanced the idea of ​​production, material incentives, and high wages -it does not always guarantee high performance work.During the experiment, it became clear that employees are inherent not only physiological, but also psychological, social needs, dissatisfaction which leads to poor performance and absolute indifference to the work.Human relations Mayo

proves that the efficiency of work of employees affected by such things as the relationship between the group and account management personnel to the problems in the team.The forces arising during the business relationships between people, and often superior to have a more powerful pressure on the staff than the order management.For example, employees in the group behind the scenes to set their standards of conduct, performance standards are often more concerned with the approval of fellow team than wage increases.The group was taken to make fun of upstarts who overfulfilled accepted standards, as well as the "nets" that have worked badly and derelict.

School of human relations E. Mayo encouraged to increase productivity to carry out measures to improve the psychological climate in the team, to improve relations between employers and workers, to treat a person not as a machine, and in view of his personal qualities, such as mutual assistance,the ability to cooperate, sociability.

School of Behavioral Sciences

next stage of development of the concept of human relationships has become a science of human behavior (behaviorism).School of human relations and behavioral sciences gave answers to new questions, it helps to reveal the maximum internal capacity of each person and give an incentive to maximize efficiency.The key figures of behavioral trends become R. Likert, C. Argyris, F. Herzberg, D. McGregor.Their research focused aspects such as motivation, leadership, power, social interaction, communication skills and the quality of everyday working life of employees.

determining factors of a new behavioral model of management are such: employee awareness of their capabilities, satisfaction with the work, expressed in the common goals and interests of the collective, social interaction.And from the management school of human relations and behavioral science focused on the psychology of the behavior of the worker during the labor process, depending on the motivation, communication with colleagues, the head of the authority and leadership in the team.