Resolution on how to get the weapon?

Nowadays you can find in the sale and purchase weapons for hunting, sports and self-defense.Of course, come to the store and just buy your favorite gun fail.The law requires a permit for the purchase of specific goods.The question is, where to get weapons permit, how to get it, whether there is in this matter pitfalls.Let's try to figure it out.

letter of the law

beginning to turn to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation about the weapon, which examines and regulates all legal relations that arise in the trafficking of arms in the country.Article 13 says that the purchase sports, signaling, weapons for hunting and self-defense, along with bladed machetes, have the right to the citizens of our country who have reached the age of majority and who are licensed to acquire it in the organs of the Interior Ministry.

Bearing in mind that the bladed melee weapon are the Cossacks with their national costumes and sporting rifles are interesting mainly athletes, and these citizens certainly known the pr

ocess of obtaining permits, we will discuss the remaining weapons - hunting and self-defense.For each of them there is a specific type of license.For hunting - hunting license for the purchase of a smooth barrel, pneumatic or rifle for self-defense - Resolution on the purchase, possession and carrying of weapons for self-defense.It should be noted that in obtaining these licenses is almost no difference.However, some details still worth considering.Let's try to figure out how to get permission for a weapon that is needed for this.All this we will examine now.

Before you begin to engage closely obtaining permission, is to understand in more detail what is required of the person receiving it:

  • legal age.
  • Standing place of residence.
  • lack of records about a person in the mental and drug treatment clinic.
  • lack of convictions for premeditated crimes.
  • Absence for a period of one year of re-offending.
  • absence of diseases with symptoms that often manifest themselves along with chronic diseases.
  • lack of vision problems.

Where to get permission for a weapon?If a person fits the above requirements, then it can safely start looking at the local police department Department of Licensing and permitting work.When necessary department is found, it is best to look back and clarify a few things about getting a license.First, you make sure that there are committed to what you need, and secondly, once again refresh your memory on what paper you need to prepare.

next step on the path to the license will visit the clinic.Here we need to get this document as a reference to arms 046-1.For those who have ever passed a medical examination to obtain a driver's license, getting help for a weapons permit will not find anything new.Basically, doctors check a formal procedure, except for a person with low vision problems may arise from an ophthalmologist.If the candidate is on the table for an eye examination will not be able to read with one eye sixth row from the top, and the other eye - the second, which would correspond to visual acuity of 0.5 and 0.2, then check an ophthalmologist he will not pass.Accordingly, such a candidate would not be made of the weapons permit.

In addition, you need to get help to appear in drug treatment and psychiatric clinic, where should confirm that the candidate is not registered there, and health problems has not.After the medical certificate on the weapon is at hand, you can begin to collect the documents.Let's list them.

  • application for a weapons permit.The sample can be obtained from the local police department inspector.
  • copy of the passport.
  • Two photos.
  • get help for weapons.

If problems have arisen with the collection, while a package of documents necessary to apply to the department of licensing activity, which must issue:

  • receipt, which must be paid to the state collection.
  • direction to the district.
  • Referral to a specialized training center for passing the test on the use of weapons.

will understand where these documents carry a weapon.Let's start with the most difficult, namely, by passing the test.

passing tests on the use of weapons

First, you need to visit the training center and ask what are the requirements for the candidates, as well as learn visiting days and hours of operation.Those who are not afraid of the test, it is possible to prepare for the questions yourself by finding all the necessary information.As a general rule, in order to successfully pass the test, you must answer nine questions out of ten, that relate to the following themes:

  • FZ "On weapons".Attention should be paid to 17, 22, 24 items.
  • RF Code of Administrative Offences.Questions relating to the twentieth article.
  • the Criminal Code, namely art.37-39, 222-224.
  • various rules governing the action of weapons.

If at first you do not succumb to the test - it does not matter.The training centers provide a second attempt, but for a second chance to be paid again.For those who for the second time failed to respond properly to the required number of questions, the direction is issued for paid courses.After listening to a candidate lectures the whole procedure is repeated again.As practice shows, following the course hardly anyone is unable to cope with the test.When it is delivered, the candidate shall issue a certificate required for the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Visiting district

For help from the district need to get his phone number and office hours to know when it will be available on site.That all went well, the district must make sure that your home has a weapon box, but more on that later.

pay state duty

where problems should arise, all you need to know is the necessary details.They are indicated on the receipt.So you can safely go to the nearest bank and pay.

final stage

now is to take all the documents in the arms and come to the police station.After the staff will check whether everything is normal, starts production of the long-awaited license.In theory, the resolution should be ready in a month after filing, but in practice, the wait can last up to several months.

As a result, in order to get a license, you will have to spend money on photographs, a certificate from the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist, 046-1 certificate and other documents.Obtaining permission for a weapon will cost differently.All proceeds depending on how many delivery attempts will be taken.

weapons permit.How to get it on a hunting shotgun?

can say that getting a permit for this type is not significantly different from that used for the defense.In this case, the license is granted only for the purchase, while for self-defense, there is also permission to possess.The license for the acquisition of relevant within six months and if during that time the person does not gain anything, it should be required to renew or cancel.

What is the license?This form three, two of which remain in the gun shop, and one is at the buyer.Since it is necessary to apply to the police station for two weeks, so that instead of permits issued for storage, drawn up for a specific model of weapon.It will happen, as experience shows, no sooner than a week.

hunting permit

After all the above steps on the hands should be authorized to store hunting weapons.Now the law has the right to keep a gun at home and the only thing he allowed it to admire it.But surely it is not purchased just for this.But if the owner wants to shotgun, for example, carry it to another location, and traffic police officers during the inspection of a vehicle will find it, the owner will be problems.Therefore it is necessary to distinguish between the concept of storing and carrying.In order to be able to even carry a gun, you need a document like a hunting license.

will understand the nuances of obtaining hunting permit.First you need to find a hunting club.If you purchased the weapons are for hunting, it is not particularly important that this will be for the organization, the main thing that you are satisfied with the value of contributions.There are several types of game tickets: government and membership.If we consider the legal side of these two types, then the person is not going to hunt, is preferable to choose a state hunting license type.It will be much cheaper, and also includes a free annual extension.If a person plans to hunt, then the best choice to make in favor of the membership card.For him, by the way, I will have to pay about thirty dollars, and the same amount to pay each year for renewal.

After registration of all documents of the candidate is waiting for testing, similar to that discussed above.In case of successful completion of "hunters" will hand over weapons permit.How to get a ticket hunter?With this document should contact the police department, and then will prepare a box to store weapons and pay the state fee.

Licenses rifles

Benefits smoothbore rifle to clear.Sighting range of shotguns equals one hundred meters high, which is a significant drawback.Those planning to shoot at a long distance, it is best to buy a rifled weapon.Rifled barrel rifling different that when driving on them a bullet to spin it in the forward direction.It is the rotation of a bullet gives a more stable character, which has a positive effect on the Aimed Shot.Because these weapons can be firing on objects at a distance of five hundred meters.By the way, hardly fire at such a distance can be linked to self-defense, but the situations are different.Also, with such a weapon, you can go hunting.

Obtaining permission to purchase weapons rifled type conceals some subtleties:

  • First, the candidate must possess shotguns five years.
  • Second, it should have on hand a hunting license, and also five years.This is to ensure that hunting rifle admitted, not for self-defense.

If you do not take into account these features, obtained a permit to carry a firearm threaded type as well as in the process described above.

purchase weapons.Travmatiki

Purchase of this type of weapons should not cause difficulties.Once a license is obtained, it should go to the store and choose your favorite model.Then, before the two weeks pass, you need to visit with weapons purchased the above department at the local police department.There's the inspector should verify the number and stamp the license.There is also the option of buying a traumatic weapons with it.In this case, to obtain permission to traumatic weapons, documents and clearance necessary to produce in the local police station.In principle, everything is the same as in the case of buying weapons store only part department store performs licensing activity.

Purchase shotguns

important difference of the purchase of such weapons is that there is only permission for the purchase of weapons, which later changed to a resolution that allows to carry weapons.It is worth noting that in order to buy a few shotguns, to get the same number of licenses.Considering the fact that the relevant medical certificate 046-1, within six months, and the process of getting another, you can push an additional license for a few months.It is very important not to forget the registration of weapons to take with them not only a license, but the weapons with a passport.

law allows one to acquire a license to five samples of traumatic weapons, which are written on the reverse side of the document.In the case of the smooth-bore, the owner must have all five permits per their weapons.


How valid weapons permit?Dates following:

  • To purchase shotguns - six months.
  • to bear arms with smooth barrels - 5 years.
  • for weapons for self-defense - 5 years.

If the weapon has not been acquired within the specified time, the documents necessary for the extension.A weapons permit smooth or renewed for a new term or rented back to the department of licensing work.In cases when the time of action is necessary to pass the rest of the license registration again.

acquisition of weapons cabinet

As mentioned above, when obtaining a license for the weapon must provide a special cabinet for storage.The law states that all citizens of our country are required to keep their weapons and ammunition in the community, and in locked cabinets or boxes that prevent intruders access to weapons or any other unauthorized persons.

Find a place where you can buy weapons cabinets, it is easy to get started is to visit a large weapons stores.There is also a version of safes, the company dedicated to installing them.These organizations have not only bought a wardrobe brought to the place, but if you want to help him mount.The price range for very large safes, and on the basis of any material capabilities, you can pick up a case for weapons.In the budget execution of the buyer will receive the weapons box made of thin sheets of steel to be lockable.The only thing that will protect the cabinet, so it from prying eyes of visitors, because the design of the cabinet is very simple, and if you want to steal the contents of it will not be difficult.

For those who are worried about weapons stored in the building, we propose the purchase of the cabinet serious.Such cases have a greater mass and burglary.Of course, that kind of response will be required to pay, so it makes sense to find the golden mean between the value of the safe, the price of weapons stored there, and the likelihood of theft.

The first thing to consider when buying cabinets for weapons, is its size, because they have to conform to the dimensions of weapons stored there.If the weapon has not yet been purchased, it is best to take care of a certain stock.To save storage space in the apartment, as well as certain masking can be built into the wall safe.The thickness of the majority of its flats, of course, do not allow installation in which similar elements.Therefore, this option is more suitable for private homes.Also

box dimensions, the important role played by the opinion and requirements of the district, which is not impossible that would be inconsistent with the rules.For example, the district will require the installation in a box separate closing department for ammunition, or do not allow the cabinet to stand in the hallway.You can certainly argue with him and try to prove to him my point of view, but there are recommendations in advance to find out about these requirements and save a lot of hassle.

It is worth noting also that the weapons cabinets must be secured to the wall or floor with anchor bolts.A method to eliminate the theft, of course, is not very reliable, but its advantages he has.For example, it will not fall, and will not cause problems with the district.Prices

boxes for weapons

  • Budget model small pistol cabinet width, height and depth of about thirty centimeters are within forty dollars.
  • Models equipped with bolt locking devices, will cost less than a hundred dollars.
  • prices pistol cabinets, with thicker walls (3 mm) start with a hundred dollars.
  • boxes that can accommodate 2 sample height of about 1.2 meters, are in the range of 150 and dollars.

Cases for larger smoothbore and rifled copies cost from 250 dollars and.