Why dream of a cobra?

ratio of old people to the snakes had an extremely negative, as evidenced by existing proverbs.For example, a snake in human consciousness associated with meanness, treachery, baseness and betrayal.Moreover, even when pronouncing the name of this reptile man begins to experience an involuntary fear, presenting something cold and slippery.By the way, these negative stereotypes of snakes formed only in the central and western part of the world, in the East as it is being respected.But as the Russian people do not feel to this warm feeling creeps, then sleep in which dreams cobra, often does not promise anything good, warning of possible danger.It should be noted that a few downers different authors disagree over what dreams cobra.

The attacking cobra

most common cobra has prepared attack, nobody is an enemy who holds a grudge for a long time and wants to harm you or your loved ones.A bad sign if a cobra in a dream still attacked and bitten you.This means that you can not avoid trouble, and a wicked man gets his way.We must bear in mind that any dream where the snake attacks the dreamer, heralds the beginning of the action from your enemies.But if you manage to get away from the snake or, better yet, kill her troubles will not affect you.You also need to pay attention to whether your dream even animals, except snakes.Dreamed of a dog is that the situation with the enemy will attend your friend suggests dream book.Cobra, which stings of other people, not you, warns that soon you undeservedly offend loyal friend.

dream in which you relax in nature and then suddenly there is a snake to attack you, foretells that some rash decisions you alienated people.So, once you offend someone in real life, immediately ask forgiveness, otherwise acquire long enemy.

the interpretation of the Cobra women

Women - very impressionable nature, and because they provide a separate explanation of downers, what dreams cobra.For them, especially the male snake is a negative energy.This dream may have two interpretations: to warn of the imminent betrayal by a partner or a witness that your will is completely subordinated to a loved one.And while it did not lead to trouble, you need to break free from its influence.I dreamed that you were bitten someone killed the snake?So, your loved one will make you suffer, according to the dream book.This vision is a warning that we need to give more power relations, if you want to avoid betrayal.If you dream you admire snake, soon you face to experience harassment.But do not let that scare, as the situation will not last long - soon you will save the people who have influence in their lives.

If a woman sees a snake in your partner, then this is evidence that their relationship will soon improve.But some downers believe that sleeping with this reptile means that women will be provided favors.

Catch cobra

cobra caught in a dream?In reality all your efforts will be in vain, and your proposed ideas no one will appreciate.Healer Evdokia explains what dreams cobra, you hold in your hands.By developing a risky strategy to overcome the difficulties and achieve the objectives.Known as Dream Miller interprets this vision concerns and upcoming challenges.As you can see, both interpretations portend difficulties.Also, some downers believe that a dream in which you are holding a cobra, is a long journey and meet a new friend, and promises a sleeping man positive energy and well-being in the near future.

kill a cobra in his sleep

If you dream that you catch and kill the snake, it's a good dream, dream interpretation said.Cobra, dreamed already dead, and will not bring you trouble.You can be sure that all your plans foes collapse as a house of cards, giving you the chance to achieve his plan.In addition, the massacre of the snake means that you do not see any obstacles in front of you and are willing to do anything to implement their plans.Thus, to kill a snake in a dream means that in life you will be the winner of any difficult situations.

see a large number of snakes

a dream in which you are surrounded by lots of cobras?This is a very bad vision, warning that your back is preparing a conspiracy.Moreover, several people ready to make you vile, so be very careful.

dreamed that pass by a large number of snakes?This dream speaks of constantly living in fear of you.Are you afraid of anything, even the fear of completely safe things.

Dream of writhing snakes?So you remorse.Perhaps you have made some unseemly act, after which are now ashamed.Therefore, if you saw a dream, think, have done contrary to conscience, and try it izmenit.Ne very well, if you had to look for, which means snake in a dream, located next to the cat, as the dream shows that, in additionthe main enemy, there are detractors who would try to discredit you.If you dreamed a tangle of cobras, know that there are many people around that you are jealous and are ready to go to any meanness to do harm.If you had a similar dream, be sure to take a look at their surroundings.Wondering what dreams cobra curl?This dream warned that enemies lurk and wait for the right moment to attack.

Seeing cobra near himself

If had a dream in which a snake crawls by, for a long time all the problems and sorrows will bypass your side.But nevertheless be more prudent to make true the dream.Cobra - snake, which is considered one of the most dangerous reptiles, but because any sleep with her participation, even if she just looks at you, should alert.

In the dream, you see, like a cobra eat an animal?Be careful, your property in danger.To dream of a cobra that dances to the tune means that the evil plans of your enemies will be realized.Cobra black indicates that soon may come the adverse times.We saw a snake in the water?Wait for the appearance of its surroundings deceitful man.Also, you should know that the dream is a snake that winds around you, without causing any harm.It's a good dream, meaning that in reality you will suffer a strong feeling that can end a marriage.

How to behave in the real world after a dream about a cobra?

any sleep, cobra (snake) which somehow appears, does not bode well.But do not panic, because the night dreams - this is nothing but a manifestation of the unconscious mind of man.Therefore, having received an omen of the danger, do not hurry to do drastic actions, try to watch how events develop.

To protect yourself, after a dream in which dreamed of a cobra, try to control their statements and not make rash acts.Also, do not enter into conflicts and to pay attention to the provocations of detractors.Your restraint and patience, certainly will be rewarded!