Monument Bremen Town Musicians of Bremen and other unusual sculptures of fairy-tale characters

Thousands of monuments adorn the square, parks and squares of cities all over the world.As a rule, they are all dedicated to the great men and the most important historical events.But today I want to focus on the most unusual sculptures dedicated to heroes who, in general, did not exist at all, the characters that were only a figment of the imagination of artists, poets and writers.Acquainted with many of them in early childhood, millions of people around the world have become their close friends, so the people as a sign of sincere love heroes immortalized in bronze, marble and wood.

Monument Bremen Town Musicians of Bremen

For example, the memory of the characters in a fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians" (Grimm) are still alive, and not only in the homeland of the authors in the German city of Bremen, but in many others,Zulpich such as Leipzig, Fuerth, Erfurt, Kawaguchi th (Japan), Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, Riga, Lipetsk and Khabarovsk.The first monument to the Bremen musicians was established in Bremen in 1951.Its author was quite successful German sculptor Gerhard Marx.

In its made of bronze sculpture artist depicted an episode of fairy tales in which all the animals climbed onto the backs of each other to see in the window of what the gang of robbers in the forest house.At the base of the pyramid is a strong donkey, dog on it, and then the cat, and is crowned by a composition proudly standing cock.Interestingly, a donkey standing in Riga, often rubbing their nose, so this part of the bronze sculpture is always lighter than the others.And, of course, you grab your luck by the tail, if make it to the cock!Monument Bremen Town Musicians, created in Russia, carries even some national flavor: Troubadour present among the fabulous musicians only here because of the cartoon favorite of childhood, because of the character of the Brothers Grimm was not at all.

interesting monuments of literary heroes

Certainly worth a look and on the other monuments of the world, dedicated to the fairy-tale characters.In Copenhagen, Denmark, at the port, there is a monument to the Little Mermaid - the heroine of the most beautiful and the saddest tales of the great Hans Christian Andersen.For more than a hundred years, she sits on a rock among the waves at the entrance to the harbor, and waiting for her prince.

Australia, Adelaide.Stone Alice in the midst of a flower bed.Monument favorite of many character there are in the UK and in Central Park in New York.On a huge hat mushroom Alice gathered his many friends in the strangest tea.

In 1956, the famous Greco created a sculpture of long-nosed Pinocchio.A monument to this immortal hero of the fairy tale set in a small Italian village of Collodi.

Germany Bodenwerder.The original monument-fountain in the world the most truthful person - Baron Munchausen.Proudly sitting on a horse, which is half demolished during the battle, he watched in amazement as her belly from leaking.

German town of Schwalm.It is here recorded his version of "Little Red Riding Hood" and the Brothers Grimm, of course, there is also a monument to the Little Red Riding Hood and gray wolf, which, according to tradition, the holidays come the girls in red hats and young men in masks wolves.

amazing - the brothers Grimm were serious scientists, but their work is not as well known as the favorite with all the fairy tales, and today all over the world can be found not only a monument to Bremen Town Musicians and Little Red Riding Hood, but also the many other dedicated wonderful, love to all the heroes of theirimmortal works.