Who are the friends?

Who are the friends?For many they were, most have today.Each of us knows a lot of jokes, proverbs and aphorisms about friendship, like explaining everything.But if we analyze the content of the concept, then it turns out that people are referring to different levels of relations.Let's try to understand, who are friends, and that is happening between them.


first people learn.They refer to each other by name, sometimes talking.Such relations are not merely superficial, often they are forced or accidental.Common interests can, and have, they just are not revealed because the communication short and spontaneous.As an example, the relationship of neighbors who had just greeted, meeting in the stairwell.Sometimes mutual interests is strengthened, and communication becomes longer.This means that the phase of dating ended, it has passed the stage of friendship.The development of relations does not always happen.Many people over the years continue to just greet each other.


Relationship buddies formed on the basis of personal likes and interests of the general surface.Relationships are maintained by non-systematic personal meetings, provision of small mutual services, goodwill, as well as exchange of views.Friendly ties have no basis in the form of joint activities to achieve important social objectives.They can last a short time and easily be replaced by others, such as light and pleasant relationships.Those who are at this stage of the relationship, are not interested in improving personal qualities, have no emotional ties, although well aware of his friend and situational can support it.


Relationship mates basically required to have a long joint operation, similar views on its purpose and on life in general.Deep interest, a sense of responsibility for the common cause, prolonged close contact and mutual friends pull together.If one expresses to the other criticisms, they are dictated solely by concern for the fellow, a desire to help him speak in a respectful manner and accompanied by prompt the right way to solve the problem or correct deficiencies.The only thing that deprived this stage of relations, so it is a deep emotional attachment.

Who are the friends?

friends - people who have a similar outlook, close association for a long period, to support each other and understand perfectly.However, this does not mean that among them there can be differences.Compared with the partnership friendship is characterized by a deep emotional attachment and confidence.

Often people who do not know who the friends are called the word of comrades, friends or acquaintances.But the real friendship is not easy to build.It only afford emotionally mature people can overcome their own selfishness, to understand and accept the position of his neighbor as his own.The presence of these relationships helps a person feel self-confidence.

Friends - is very important for each other people.Two friends, relations which have passed the test of time, feel protected from the vicissitudes of the world.They do not appreciate and valued, respected and provide effective support.A ninth June law can celebrate the International Day of friends.