What is War and Armed Conflict

whole history of mankind is riddled with wars and conflicts.Even today you can often hear in the news about these things.So what is war?You must initially give a short general definition of the term.

What is war?This hostilities, fighting and aggression between nations, states, tribes, cities (any large organized group of persons).This means of countering the use of both physical and ideological, and economic impact.

What is war?It certainly struggle between organized social groups.The confrontation between the institutions in the country for political, ideological and economic domination with the use of force in the whole country is called a civil war.The war for state power called revolution.

What war from the perspective of history?Over the past five and a half thousand years, according to scientists, historians, was about fourteen and a half thousand wars.These include large and small conflicts, including two world wars.During these confrontations killed more than three and a half billion people.

In today's world because of the end of so-called "cold war" between the Soviet Union and the United States, which took place in the second half of the last century, significantly reduced the likelihood of the danger of nuclear weapons in armed conflict.As is known, such weapons has an enormous destructive power.

What is war today?Even in the twenty-first century, continuing local conflicts.In general, they are associated with regional, religious, national differences, separatist movements, tribal strife and other (in the stories is called "essence of war").Such societies such as the United Nations (UN), the international community, seeking to create a system of international relations which would eliminate the threat of force action.

What is the symbolism of the war?It is a symbol of reunification and separation, the establishment of order and eliminate clutter.In religion, it is a symbol of the eternal conflict between good and evil forces, a symbol of the conflict between Light and Darkness.However, the war in mysticism and esoteric spiritual battle is likely to achieve unity.

What is war in the art and science?You can think of this process as an act of violence that has to force an opponent (enemy opposition) will perform the imposed force.For the opposition to this act of aggression and use of the invention of Arts and Sciences.Thus, the war (as well as any physical or moral violence) is the only remedy.But the aim can be called is imposing his own will to the enemy.

purpose of military action - the destruction of the enemy, his disarming, deprivation of its capacity to resist.The war is mainly due to two different factors: the hostile intentions and feelings.However, the decisive, final act of war can not be regarded as something absolute, as the country defeated sees in him only the evil that it is possible to eliminate in the future (this is called a "prolonged war").