The answer to the question: "in-law - who is it?"

Family relationship - not an easy thing, even if not to say - difficult.So it was at all times, and now is almost nothing has changed.New families are usually greeted with fear and apprehension.Sometimes everything is settled, but, unfortunately, is not always.Specific conflicts occur among women, namely, daughter and mother, and daughter-in-law and.

Designation concepts

If words such as "the daughter" and "mother in law", known to almost everyone, the term "in-law" for many can be a new, and often in a conversation, you can hear the puzzled question: "in-law - who is it?"Even at the hearing already felt that the degree of relationship will be oh how difficult.All exactly in-law - a sister of her husband, which is often not too well disposed to the new family member.

Where did the word

Many would agree that the word is not too pleasant to the ear.There are the first association with ash, and sometimes can be seen in the term "evil".All of it is true.To understand in-law - who it is, is to lift the veil of history.It has long been the custom that the husband must bring his wife to his home.By long tradition, the sister of her husband even on the verge of a Woman was showered with ash, letting her know that her new family will not have to walk.The first thing that a woman in a new home - cleans the place where nasorila new relative.Further, the term itself was transformed a few, and often you can hear a different transcriptional that the question of "in-law - who is" responsible proverb "in-law - the head of the snake."Iequite harmful relative.By the way, the men of the family, including the father-in-law and her husband, mostly related to the new relative more favorably.

What to do?

raises the question of how it is possible and whether it is possible to avoid conflicts with the new family.Unfortunately, a clear guide to action one can not give it all depends on the people and the way they communicate.One thing is clear: never adjust to someone else's life and try to please the whole family.And if too heavily made up, you can always take off a separate housing now such actions nobody condemns.But first, you should definitely try all methods of establishing relations.And if you have absolutely nothing to help, only then should go to the open conflict and try to put everything in its place.


dismantled in terms and find out in-law - who is worth thinking about how you can even chat in conflict situations, because to spend the holidays together yet sometimes necessary.Particular attention should be given to the words and the gift, if you need to be congratulated in-law.Good to present her husband's sister what she really wants, but to buy desirable for any reason, it can not.So, Zaim this thing, sister-in may slightly soften and start in a different way to look at the new family member.Also it is necessary to know that he loves or collects a relative, and to choose a gift with this in mind.It will be an excellent gift certificate, for example, in the spa.Such a present might also soften the often sharp temper in-law.And, of course, the flowers, because all women love them and will always be glad to such gift.