Who is the most beautiful girl in the world?

Each of us has an opinion about the ideal of feminine beauty.How many people in the world, there is so much and opinions.Any of the girls is good in its own way.Therefore, to determine who is the most beautiful girl in the world, beauty contests and rating influential beauties.As a rule, participate in competitions young ladies attractive appearance, and the rankings are among the successful women, who in his life has made a career in the movies, in the modeling business, or on the stage.These beauties and other requirements, and a special approach.The ratings are influenced not only success in life, and marital status.

For ten consecutive years, Angelina Jolie has a leading place in the ranking of "The most beautiful girl in the world."Alternative beauty and strong character make it unlike any other.The facial features of the girl (sharp cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, full lips) and the chiselled figure, thick hair is a canon of beauty.These are the lines of the face often require women who are turning to plastic surgeons.One British company manufacturing cosmetics Angelina awarded the title of "The most beautiful girl in the world over the past ten years."Born into a family of actors, Jolie began her star way to model business.Now she is - in demand and highly paid Hollywood actress, director and screenwriter, a loving mother and devoted wife.In her arsenal of several prestigious awards: three "Golden Globe", the "Oscar", two from the US Screen Actors Guild.Angelina is actively involved in charity.

Jolie Not far behind in the ranking "The most beautiful girl in the world" forty-four American actress, dancer and singer Jennifer Lopez.In addition to a successful career on the stage, she is a talented fashion designer, producer and a successful business woman.The whole world knows her brand J. Lo.Jennifer's acting career has developed not so well as singing, but a nomination for the Walk of Fame in 2012 she received.

American popular magazine "Glamour" has conducted a survey in 2013 and was a top of the best women.In the first place in the ranking of "The most beautiful girl of the year" was Charlize Theron.With German and Dutch roots, she has blond hair, perfect model parameters, regular features and blue eyes.It always boils inner fire, for which fans refer to her typecasting Hitchcock blonde.Tridtsatisemiletny actress and model has a prestigious Film Award and million contract with the cosmetic companies.In addition, Charlize is actively involved in the struggle for the protection of animals supports the development of sports in the direction of South Africa, is an active proponent of women's rights organizations.

most beautiful girls of Russia are known far beyond the borders of his homeland.Their names are filled with the names of a number of influential and wealthy men.Russian models, actresses and athletes captivate many famous men's hearts.Maria Sharapova is one of the richest and most popular athletes.Repeatedly he was spotted in the arms of a football player Cristiano Ronaldo model Irina Shayk.Inna Zobova just fall in love with the famous fashion house.Over five years, she worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Roberto Cavallo.