The license for beer

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When the agency spread the news that the summer of 2012, sellers and producers may need a license for beer, low-alcohol beverage distributors that immediately expressed their disagreement with this approach.Since the issue concerns not only sellers, but also consumers, emphasis was placed on the fact that as a result of the proposed changes will lose the buyer.In general, the opinion on the bill whether you need a license for beer, as it usually happens in all controversial issues, were divided.

beer known to mankind since time immemorial, the drink gained a huge army of fans, and every year their number is only multiplied.Especially noteworthy achievements of television and other media in the promotion of beer.

Price drink depends on whether the source of the raw material manufacturer chooses, natural beer, of course, more expensive.Huge selection of different varieties on the shelves is amazing how not only beer produced!Light and dark, strong, lightweight and non-alcoholic, and even "live", sell it in bottles in banks and by the glass.

Prepare the beer that we buy in the shops or from hops barley or from concentrate.Recently Duma deputy Viktor Zvagel'skii said that more than 90% of all Russian beer beer is not, because it is produced from concentrate, and, therefore, it must be marked as "drink beer".Brewers Union immediately filed to him in court, but lost the case.

peace and grace on the cozy market the sale and consumption of beer was broken in 2011, when for the first time an attempt was made to introduce licensing of retail sale of beer.But the joint efforts of manufacturers of beer repulsed the attack.This summer, lawmakers have tried to follow through, from July 22, planned the introduction of compulsory licensing for all those who are engaged in the production and sale of low-alcohol products, but this provision was of draft amendments to the law blocked out.

Union Brewery, which, as already mentioned above, strongly opposed, said: "The license beers generate spiral of corruption and kill Russian beer", "licensing is harmful for any transparent business," and so on. D.

Other producersIt pointed to the obvious fact that for them to get the document does not present any problems, and indeed, for large enterprises licensed for beer is not a major waste, and small law does not apply to them, the thought was going to make an exception.But

Union continued to stick to their line, according to the Brewers, the idea of ​​deputy Zvagel'skii, with the filing of which revolved the whole story, is in conflict with the declared course of the Russian leadership to improve the business climate.And in general, according to the Brewers, license beer from counterfeit not protect, and honest producers will cause huge losses.According to the calculations of the Union represented 50% of the plants involved in the production of beer, in the case of adoption of the law will be fully paralyzed indefinitely.

According to some experts from the brewing companies have to perform a great job on the preparation required to obtain a license for beer documents.The bureaucratic machine will return the papers in the case of the slightest inaccuracy back and so the circle and businesses at this time will incur losses.

but sober members of the Union of Brewers point to the obvious fact that the giants who control 80% of the market will be able to get all the licenses are not particularly straining, but those small plants that operate in the region, may have a hard time.In this case, in their view, "the consumer may receive less high quality product."