Therapeutic stones.

Since ancient times, the people honor and endowed with magical and healing properties of the stones.Hyacinth also relates to minerals, which at all times were popular among the poor and among the royals.This transparent crystal red or yellowish-brown color.Though hyacinth never included in the list of the most rare and expensive precious minerals, but it is on the list of the high priest's breastplate stones of the Old Testament, revered by people around the world.

In the Middle Ages healers prepare an ointment, which includes the crystal, so the drug treated Pope Clement VII.The poor girl as an adornment worn thread "Bechet" - low-quality stones.Hyacinth and recovering gold, put it on a par with diamonds and emeralds.The most popular crystals used in the Renaissance.Some craftsmen burned stones, making them colorless, and then sold as diamonds.

hyacinth In the Middle Ages was considered a symbol of constancy, wisdom.People believed that the stone prevents the storm, protects against pestilence, plague and other infectious diseases.Also, it was worn as a talisman, bringing happiness and good luck, raduyuschego soul, to establish good relationships with others.Complacently welcoming reception and shelter provided to those who wear these stones.Hyacinth improves mental abilities of its owner, it awakens latent talents.For this reason, it has long been considered a mineral scientists, because contributes to the pursuit of new discoveries, the study of science.

Gem hyacinth in some countries is considered unlucky if it is a young woman, in a short time, it may lose a loved one.At the same time the crystal is recommended to wear those fallen into depression, survivors any negative shocks.Mineral improves memory, increases intelligence, helping to calm down, cures insomnia and brings good dreams.The stone protects the owner from negative influences from outside, evil spirits, hallucinations, it helps to reveal the deceptions.

believed that these stones patronize merchants.Hyacinth is associated with the planet Mercury dealers, so he brings good fortune in trade, gives strength and confidence.Also mineral favorably to artists, it brings success in the work.The power of the crystal to restore friendly relations with the people of its owner, with whom he had a quarrel.In the Middle Ages named mineral decoration courtesans, as it retards the growth of body hair, let unwanted pregnancies and abortions facilitated if the woman wanted to.

Some people believe that the benefits from blindness and restores poor eyesight stone hyacinth.Photo decorations attract today, looking at these beautiful crystals, you can not say that they are not precious.Many nations confer hyacinth magical properties, even there is a legend according to which the stone was found in the belly of a sea serpent or the continent of Lemuria, who died before Atlantis.