Aspen - tree, which many legends

Aspen - the tree is not easy.It is also popularly called mystical and cursed.And why is it so say, you're sure to learn right now.It is a large deciduous tree belonging to the family of willow, the height of which sometimes can reach 35 meters.White wood has a distinctive greenish hue.And most interestingly, the age of the tree is almost impossible to determine.After all, it is usually recognized by the rings on the cut, while aspen they can not be seen.But it is known that the average live tree from 90 to 150 years.Aspen can be found most often in the woods or on the banks of ponds, rare in the dry sands, clearings and swamps.It is growing very rapidly, so recently it is used for landscaping areas.Aspen - tree, which lends itself well to polishing, so it is widely used in the manufacture of articles of garden tools.Also because it makes Pit houses, such as the timber is not afraid of water.In the past, village craftsmen masters from her hives, bird houses, birdhouses, and cooking utensils.

Why believe that aspen - tree cursed?

talk about this for a reason, because any belief can not arise out of nowhere.There are several Christian legends where aspen behaved treacherously.For example, when the Virgin and Child in the forest escaped fled, residents calmed down all the green and only "curse" tree betrayed her and pointed the way.And when Judas wanted to hang himself, he was not allowed to do any tree birch lowered its branches, pear prickly thorns spooked and oak - power.But the aspen did not contradict him and happily rustled leaves.That's why people have cursed her.Yet it is believed that an aspen forest - an excellent means of protection from witchcraft.It absorbs all the energy and de-energizes.No wonder the vampires in the heart stick a stake.


Aspen - wood, photos of which you can see in the article is capable of absorbing negative energy.To her usually go when they want to get rid of the problems and get rid of the troubles.It is said that if you touch her sore spot, it will take all the illness and the person will become easier.But at the same time is too long chat with a wasp can cause headaches, nausea, depression and lethargy.Therefore, contact with it should not exceed 15 minutes.In the old aspen wood used for the construction of the rapids.It was believed that they absorbed all the negative energy outside the guest house, thereby protecting the owners of the home.Felled and stuck in the four corners of the village of aspen trees protected the residents from various diseases, such as cholera.

Application medicine

aspen - a tree that is valued its bark, leaves, buds and young shoots.Preparations based on these raw materials, have antimicrobial, antitussive and anti-inflammatory actions.They are widely used in the treatment of smallpox, tuberculosis, diarrhea, cystitis, syphilis and many other diseases.Externally they are used for the healing of wounds, burns and ulcers.

Well, now you become aware of what constitutes an aspen tree, which grows and what it has unusual properties.