How to update the nVidia drivers in the Windows operating system

As you know, any computer consists of many hardware components, known under the umbrella term "accessories".They greatly determine the performance: in a shop buying a new computer, your choice is based, of course, other than the cost, the performance of the hardware components.Processor, video card, memory - these are the most "guilty" of the main features that every user should know.

Now nobody will be surprised huge computing resources using a PC for gaming.This is understandable - this is the trend of development.Developers need money for the release of new technical solutions, the lion's share of finance just sales revenues of gaming applications, although it is not always obvious.In fact, everything is interconnected, new games can fully develop their potential only on powerful components (in this case we are talking about graphics cards).Gamers, in turn, are forced to buy more powerful hardware components.As a result, all the winners are: programmers profit due to sales of games hardware developers get their part by selling new components, and users enjoy a new game.

However, it is possible to improve the performance of the new games without having to replace the video card.It is enough to update the driver nVidia, ATI (AMD) and Intel - depending on the video card installed in your computer.Currently very popular video cards of two manufacturers: nVidia and AMD.They engaged in production of high-performance products that are in demand among gamers.The article focuses on the production nVidia, although this applies to accessories of other companies.

Without going into design features, it can be assumed that the video card is the heart of the video processor.In fact, it's pretty big programmable chip.Functions of the management of its work entrusted to the driver - a small specialized program.The driver is an intermediary between the application and the electronic part of the video, so it's important to know how to update the driver nVidia.Obviously, you can not change the hardware.You can not take a soldering iron and dopayat chips.However, update the driver nVidia card afford even a novice.Developer periodically releases updated drivers.Update of two ways: use built-in update mechanism or download a file from the developer.To update the driver nVidia, you need to visit the site nVidia, under "Support" select "Driver Download" and specifying the type, series and other specifications on the installed graphics card driver download.Obviously, there is nothing difficult to update the driver nVidia.In this case, a necessary condition - access to the Internet.

users of expensive tariffs MBs payment should be aware that the amount of renovation can exceed 100 MB.

What gives the driver update nVidia?As mentioned previously, the driver is a software intermediary between the application and the hardware of the display adapter.Often new versions more efficiently use the computing power, increasing the resulting performance.They can also implement new features: for example, the correct operation of the multi-GPU mode SKI;support for new configuration options;Adding commands.And, of course, external changes expressed in the modified interface and user-friendly functions.In general, it is recommended to periodically update the driver to each user.On Amendments can be found in the accompanying documentation for each new version (information file).