How to increase the paging file in Windows 7

in distant 90s, when Microsoft only feels the prospects for development of their operating systems, one of the developers were invited to a software solution designed to improve the operation of the system with a small amount of RAM.It soon became clear that it also provides additional benefits for programmers.

It was a time when the memory modules were expensive, and the owners of computers with 256 MB was negligible.Today's users is difficult to imagine how it is - to fight for every megabyte of memory, turn off half the services on the system to find a way how to increase the swap file, prescribing special commands in the configuration files.Although now it seems a little wild, however, the need to understand their own operating system and software helped users the time more thoroughly to master computer technology.

But back to the mechanism of memory, proposed by Microsoft.When a new software programmer had to take into account many factors: the existing instruction set of the processor;the environment in which the program will run;especially computer hardware and so on. For example, a direct indication of the program to use the command processor AMD 3DNow!it will lead to malfunction on chips Intel, which is extremely undesirable.You should also know exactly whether there is a sound card in your computer, and how to work with it.The program should determine exactly how much memory is available.And as computer configurations are different, it causes problems with programming.With the advent of Windows 95, these issues have been resolved, because the applications to interact with the hardware through the operating system, rather than directly.One of the innovations of the mechanism of virtual memory.It involves the creation of a system on the hard disk swap file, which is written in those portions of code that are rarely used in the session and did not require a permanent presence in memory.The computer could be at least 4, at least 128 MB - the program "see" such a volume that they needed, at least 3 GB.Missing The scope of the swap file.The speed of the course, fell, but there were more advantages.

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This decision was so comfortable that survived to the Win 7, it is not surprising that in the global network are often asked "how to increase the swap file on windows 7".Since the advent of systems, virtual memory technology has been seriously modified.In most cases there is no need to understand how to increase the paging file.As long as your computer is set up to 6 GB of memory, configure anything not necessary, and can be trusted with the nomination of the system parameters.

However, sometimes intervention is required in the job.Logically, the more memory, the smaller should be the swap file, however, this condition is not met.For systems with 4 GB of memory on the disk swapping takes as 4 GB, which is wasteful.Still, the answer to the question "how to increase the paging file" is quite simple: put your own values.To do this, open the properties of "My Computer" and select additional parameters "Speed."In the "Extras" can both reduce and increase the swap file windows 7. In some cases it is useful to prohibit its use in general, the usefulness of this is dependent on the range of tasks and the amount of available memory.

Guidelines for selecting the optimum values ​​can be found on specialized forums, there may clarify how to increase the paging file.And yet, if the memory is not less than 4 GB, the best way to understand the issue - independently verified the system with different settings.Most importantly, the minimum size should be equal to the maximum - this eliminate the possibility of file fragmentation and speed up a little.