Cheap Car Rentals in Europe

rental car today it habitual, especially in Europe.Firstly, it is very convenient, because the cheap car rental will enable you to interesting places to visit on their own and not depend on public transportation schedules.Second, often rental car in Europe is much cheaper if you consider the cost of train tickets in the EU.And not the last role played by the comfort factor.Agree summer in 40 degree heat, much more convenient to travel in the cool comfort of the car, rather than in crowded buses or trains.Selecting
rental cars in Europe, probably one of the best in the world from economy class to luxury and sports cars.Book a car there is no trouble.To do this, go to the site car rental, set search options and choose the one that best suits your needs.Enter personal information.It should be noted that the lease is carried out with the full advance payment, for which you must provide credit card information.In Europe - it has become commonplace, and clients safely provide these data.

What should I look for when choosing a car.
should not rely solely on the rental price listed on the site.Pay attention to the fuel policy provider.If you, for example, need a rental car in Spain for a couple of days, you no longer suitable supplier, offer the option is full.Typically, such packages are a little more expensive, but as a result, you pay less.For example, if you find a great car in Barcelona for 7 days for only 50 euros, offering cheap local suppliers.But while on the site you need to pay at least 80 euros for fuel, plus a level of service, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired.And at the same rental car in the same category at the international distributors is about 100 euros.At the same time you do not pay for fuel as international companies prefer the rule is full.In addition, such companies value their name, and extra services such as "liability insurance keys" will not impose.
second factor when renting a car is insurance.Normally, all of the basic packages include insurance in case of damage to the vehicle (CDW) and theft protection (TP) with a particular franchise.Deductible - This is the amount paid by the client in case of damage or car theft.Suppose you rented WV Golf, which cost 5,000 euros.During his rent hijacked.Did you have insurance with a deductible of 850 Euro.That is how much you pay, and in the case of car theft.You can order additional services return to the franchise.After paying rent at an additional about 5 euros a day, in case of theft, Distributors will charge your credit card the amount of the franchise, but you'll get it back from the broker through whom you booked the vehicle.To do this, you must provide a police report, a statement from the credit card, which shows how much has been paid distributors.
Distributors in place can also offer a so-called "full insurance."But it is often more expensive, and as a result you get the same service.To decide, as they say, you.
So in conclusion, I want to say a few words about the car rental brand.Often we, the customers, book exactly the Ford Focus red that we see on the site, while ignoring the words "Ford Focus or similar."The fact that in the field of car rental is not Ford, Mercedes or BMW, and there are categories of vehicles.That is, in fact, we do not promise the Ford Focus, and compact car class, with 4 doors and air conditioning.It may turn out to be a machine with pictures on the site, but it may be a car of the same size and the same equipment tems, the same VW Golf, for example.Exceptions are luxury cars.If you booked a Porsche 911 or Mercedes S320, the ones you get.