Brusilovsky breakthrough briefly on offensive

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Brusilovsky breakthrough, in short, is one of the most curious episodes of Russian military history.And important events of the First World War.In the above article we recall the main events related to this heroic attack.

Brusilovsky breakthrough briefly on the premises

first two years of war, stood out for the Russian army is not particularly successful.Defeats Russian forced to retreat for several months, which led to the loss of a significant number of areas of the empire.By 1916, the ninth year the enemy advanced far enough to the east, taking part of the territories belonging to Ukraine today.Correct position and inflict a painful blow that threw him to the west of the front line and was called the operation, later received the name "Brusilovsky breakthrough."Briefly describe its course, paying attention to all important events, not so simple.But we try.

Brusilovsky breakthrough summary

the eve of this event, all the well-known line of enemy defense was photographed from the aircraft reconnaissance.This made it possible to set specific targets for each Russian shelf and battery.The important maneuver was hidden command and control and uniform training of troops.This provided a surprise attack across the front line to the enemy generals.In order to ensure successful attacks all trenches were close to the edge of the opponent's defense at a distance of a hundred paces.It was planned that the Russian army starts its offensive June 15 (was 1916).Brusilovsky same breakthrough actually began even earlier.South-Western Front in connection with the permutations in the enemy camp has launched artillery fire already on June 4th.Repeated false fire translations provided widespread success of the Russian batteries and constant promotion of the infantry.And though the enemy had before it sufficiently strong position to strengthen reinforced concrete and barbed wire that the Austro-Hungarian military leaders considered impregnable, maneuvers, use of the Russian army in the rate gave excellent results.

the first day Brusilovsky offensive on a number of sites managed to capture some enemy positions.In the two days following the breakthrough was completed.As a result, his prisoner was captured more than 200 thousand soldiers and officers of the enemy.This significant success of the armies of the Southwestern dandy was a complete surprise not only for the enemy, but also to the Russian Supreme Commander.For further development of the success it was necessary to urgently replenish the reserves front.However, these reserves were not available in store.Sluggishness of command led to the regrouping of forces that took place in July 1916.This significantly slowed its continued success.

Brusilovsky breakthrough briefly on the results

charged in Russian troops defeated the Austro-Hungarian and were able to move at the same time by an average of 100 kilometers into enemy territory.Now the army Brusilov occupied almost the whole Volyn, Bukovina, and a significant part of Galicia.An important result of this operation, as well as the battle of the Somme (Western Front) was the fact that the strategic initiative in this war finally moved to the states of the Entente.