Subject of Macroeconomics

subject of macroeconomics is due to its object.He, in turn, is a system that has the ability to transform natural resources into wealth, fit for human society in the course of certain industrial relations.Given the above, the subject of macroeconomics, first of all, must reflect the character of the national economy, as well as the mechanisms by which it is possible to solve the major economic problems in the society.

At the same time, this discipline is designed, on the one hand, to investigate the real facts, identify causal relationships in the mechanism.On the other hand, the subject of macroeconomics is to make recommendations to improve the mechanism for more efficient use of existing resources.The purpose of these improvements - at the maximum level to meet the needs of society.Thus, the functions of macroeconomics are not only informative, but also applications.

Cognitive resistant direction exploring relationships and dependencies that are inherent in the national economic system.This trend is called positive or macroeconomic analysis.This discipline is associated with the expression of subjective opinions that are of recommendation character - in the form of concepts, theories, models.They are focused on the creation of methods to achieve the goals.This area is called the industry's macro-economic control.

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analysis conducted within the discipline, examines the actual state of the system of management.Macroeconomic regulation as a tool of economic policy, and states that it should be present in the economy and what are the methods to achieve this presence.

For example, the analysis determines the high percentage of unemployment in the country.In this macroeconomic regulation establishes that unemployment should be reduced to a natural indicator by increasing government spending.

effective operation of the national system of management is achieved on the basis of the characteristics of the self-regulating market mechanism, and with the help of state control arm.

subject of macroeconomics is based primarily on the findings and the position of political economy on the development of the relations of production, the action of the objective laws and mechanisms of their use in the practice of economic activities, as well as expanded reproduction.

Described discipline is a science dealing with the study of the laws of existence and development of economic activity.It should be noted that the economy - the structure is quite complicated.In this regard, the study of the system involved, and other disciplines.These include, in particular, the political economy, marketing, microeconomics, management, functional and industry economics and others.

However, there is a close connection with its statistics and mathematics.Methods of macroeconomics are, inter alia, methods of economic-mathematical modeling.Their use makes the discipline of exact science and provides an opportunity to make the transition from qualitative analysis to quantitative, evaluating at the same phenomena, processes and patterns occurring in the economic system.

Thus, a scientific presentation on the activities of the economy at the national level.Using the analysis in the study of the effects and the factors and develop some recommendations, techniques of active influence on the object of study.