Polygamy in Islam: the conditions of the rules.

Polygamy, or plural marriage, is probably one of the most controversial and fascinating topics, not only in the Muslim world, but also far beyond.However, we know that it has been practiced since ancient times and it was socially and culturally justified, provided the reproduction.Today, polygamy is not obligatory for the Muslims, and in some cases completely prohibited.This is due to certain rules and regulations established by the Koran.We learn that today is a polygamy in Islam and whether there is an urgent need.

history of polygamy

opinion that polygamy first appeared among the Muslims is wrong.The tradition to marry several women existed since ancient times and in different civilizations.It is justified by reducing the amount of men due to their death in numerous wars.But if at first it was a necessity, then later in some societies began the abuse of this practice.

Men took to wife an unlimited number of women.Thus, they infringe upon their rights and sow injustice, discrimination and degradation of morals.

Quite different is polygamy in Islam.This religion has established strict rules and regulations on the subject.They mainly relate to the number of wives (there should be no more than four), as well as the desirability or the ban on polygamy for each individual man.

justification of polygamy among Muslims

If you delve into this issue of polygamy, you may find that it is not mandatory.This right is given to every man.But it can already decide whether to use it or not.But it is acceptable, and in some cases even desirable.So, we shall understand why polygamy is allowed in Islam.

Historically, that first of all, polygamy is practiced in those areas where the male population is smaller than the female.It is necessary that every woman is able to be protected and not left a spinster.Thus, society protects against defects and decay.This woman agrees to be the second or third wife only because he could not be the first.

Thus, polygamy in Islam is primarily intended to ensure the well-being and equal rights for all women.

Terms and Conditions

However, polygamy is not permitted in all cases and not every man.There are certain rules of polygamy in Islam that must be followed.First of all, it is justice.What is meant by this rule?We list briefly the main provisions established by the Koran.

  • husband should provide all his wives equally.This applies to food, wardrobe, housing, furniture and so on.That is, each should get what she wanted.

  • man shall offer separate accommodation for all their chosen ones.The only exception is the case when they agree to live under one roof, but in different areas of the house.This man can not settle one wife in a luxurious palace, and another - in close shack.This is unfair and violates the law.

  • husband should conduct their wives equal amount of time.Thus, the fair distribution should be not only material goods, but also attention.An exception is the case when one of the wives of her husband gives her permission to spend less time than the others.This does not oblige the Sharia husband equally love their women.After all, even if the person may not wish to distribute this feeling equivalent.

  • husband should equally take care of children born of different wives.Here the principle of uniformity should be observed more carefully and scrupulously.

Thus, the conditions of polygamy in Islam is such that a man must be completely fair to his beloved.If he can not provide this, then he should not marry more than once.

Sharia laws regarding polygamy

In Islam there are certain provisions relating to polygamy.According to them, in various instances it may be desirable or acceptable limits to any man.Consider the situation in more detail to find out exactly when polygamy is allowed in Islam, and when not.

  • When a man wants to marry a second time because of illness or infertility wife, polygamy is desirable for him.Of course, provided that it is fair to their beloved.

  • If a Muslim wants to take a second wife without the special need, for example, to strengthen their position in society, polygamy for it is not very desirable, but acceptable.

  • When a man is not secured financially or physically weak, or knows that he can not comply with the above requirements, for his polygamy is banned.

above provisions confirm that polygamy is primarily used for equality and well-being of women.

Islam, polygamy: the rules, if the first wife is against

It is believed that a man can marry again only with the permission of his first wife.As far as it is true?So delve into Islam.

If the first wife is against the Koran is not limited to men.However, it is desirable to put her husband in popularity and discuss this issue in order not to endanger the marital happiness and harmony.

also have the opportunity for a woman to remain single, and his beloved wife, if the demand is negotiated and recorded in the preparation of the marriage contract.

Benefits family

According to Muslims, polygamy helps to solve a lot of family problems.In particular, it significantly reduces the likelihood of adultery and divorce.It is believed that men are by nature inclined to polygamy.Therefore, the law polygamy is much more preferable than treason.

also polygamy in Islam is to increase posterity as one of the most important principles of the prosperity of the people.This factor also originates from the past, when men were dying in the war.To the population increased, we had a lot of women who can bear children.

benefits society

There and social justification of why polygamy is allowed in Islam.As mentioned above, in areas where less than men, increasing the percentage of unmarried.And the law of polygamy allows every woman to be under the protection and care of a spouse and to experience the joys of motherhood.

significant reason to explain polygamy, is to protect the nation against sexually transmitted diseases, abortions and street children.It reduces the number of divorces, and the first wife can not be afraid to be abandoned, even if the relationship has cooled.It will continue to enjoy the honor and respect.

Polygamy worldwide

In most countries, Muslim, polygamy is allowed and legal norm.But not everywhere.For example, in Turkey it is forbidden by law from the beginning of the last century.Also it is not allowed in Algeria and Tunisia.A prerequisite to enter into a second marriage in Iran is the consent of the first wife.And in Syria, Morocco, Pakistan, and Iraq must first obtain permission from the authorities.

In Russia, as in most countries of the world, polygamy is prohibited and punishable.After the collapse of the Soviet Union it had a lot of statements about the need for permission.However, in practice this was done only in Ingushetia, and even then not for long.

And, for example, in France, where polygamy is also prohibited for people from Muslim countries made an exception in this regard.

relic of the past or a blessing?

Many women find it difficult and sometimes impossible to reconcile with the fact that they are not only for their husbands.It is especially difficult to understand polygamy people of other faiths.Therefore, around the topic being so hot controversy.Someone believes polygamy thing of the past and the way to debauchery.Others - good.

course, everyone decides for himself than to consider polygamy in Islam.Photo of happy families, where everyone lives in peace and harmony, we see the wisdom of this tradition.

On the other hand, are frequent cases when a man abuses his right to marry again.He concludes remarry only for fun, but as soon as he gets bored young companion, divorce her.So, of course, is to weigh everything before agreeing on the role of a second or third wife.

Anyway, polygamy is not mandatory practice.Today, the vast majority of men consists only one marriage.After re-marriage is not only troublesome and costly, but also causes resentment first wife, even if she agrees to it.

It is only right that a man can use at will.And well, if it has complied with all necessary requirements.Then there is peace in the family, and polygamy perform the functions historically entrusted to him: to protect women and save the moral foundations.