Subject Economy

subject of the global economy, acting as a methodological basis in a complex set of industries, has a significant impact on the development of the social sciences.The theory of economic activity, for example, according to Keynes, is not a ready-made set of recommendations, which are applicable only in economic policy.Economic scientists believe increasingly technology thinking tool.Science helps to deduce the correct conclusions.

object of study of the economy - is that explores the science.The name comes from the discipline of a combination of two Greek words.Literally, the term "economy" means "the art of household management."Learning this science shopping patterns and problems.

However, many experts say that the study of this discipline in the first place often go no laws, and economic problems.They exist and are solved within the community, within it formed economic system.The system itself is only a part, an element of the social system.Social life is a fairly complex structure.It is present and politics, and the family, and ideology, and national relationships, and religion, and so on.The most important place in the social structure takes the economic system.

Inside the structure for the exchange of management, production, consumption, distribution of goods, factors of production and services.All of these activities at some stage have their own significance.

subject Economics studies of the social system - a system of economic activities.This definition, however, according to several authors, is considered to be too general.The economic system is studied various economic disciplines.In particular, these include accounting, finance and credit, statistics, economic and other international relations.However, all these sciences are a special specific discipline.These are different from the subject of the economy, as it covers all industries in general.It - general theoretical discipline.The subject of the economy is the basis for the development and study of other economic sciences.

This discipline studies the activities that are associated with financial transactions and exchange between people.The subject of the economy - business casual livelihoods of people, methods of extraction of livelihood, as well as methods of their use.

economic doctrine is a social science.It examines the behavior of individuals and groups in the distribution, production, consumption and exchange of material goods.Economic theory examines the ways in which humanity solves problems in consumer and industrial area.According to the statement of Engels, this science studies the laws by which it is possible to control the production and exchange of wealth at different stages of development.Marshall drove the subject of science to the study of wealth, motivations and incentives to counteract human action.

Economic theory has been studying the social relations of people within production.Science is also exploring the production system.The economic world is a rather complex structure.Within this system, there is the interaction of millions of people, economic sectors, the prices of goods and services, businesses and others.In this connection there is the diversity and the determination of the object of economy.It is close enough contact with the various branches, academic disciplines.In particular, there is the relationship of the economy to sociology, political science, history, psychology.