Cash transactions.

Cash transactions - is action relating to the reception and delivery of money from banks, various organizations and companies, which are issued by special credit and debit orders.

In this term also includes transactions on the stock exchanges, payment for which should be carried out until the next day after the transaction, inclusive, action cash, securities, deposits, and debt repayment or other debt obligations.

Federal Tax Service draws the attention of individual entrepreneurs that cash transactions which they have carried out, should be carried out according to certain rules:

• need to determine the limit of the cash balance;

• money, the amount of which exceeds this limit shall be kept in bank accounts;

• All cash transactions should be submitted via credit and debit orders;

• also need to maintain proper cash book.

Banks cash limit is set on the following principles:

• in cash settlement centers should work revolving fund and reserve funds of coins and currency in denominations (with the permission of the Bank of Russia).All cash received during the one business day, shall be carried out in the respective accounts on the same day;

• territorial banking institutions must take into account the needs of customers in cash for payroll or other needs;

• limit amount is set at the end of the working day.All funds that exceed his, shall be transferred to the reserve fund, iewithdrawn from circulation;

• all the obligations relating to the storage of the contingency fund and cash settlement centers, assigned to the officials - the chief, the chief accountant and the head cashier.

for queuing customers cash transactions are conducted in offices, which contain:

• credit and debit structure;

• units that exchange and currency translation.

officials who are responsible for the storage of valuables must be metal printing and the keys to the storerooms, as well as stamps.The funds needed to carry out cash transactions properly.

to cash in banks operate separate offices.In order to carry out cash transactions settlement, head cashiers gives money only to the extent necessary on receipt.For the wages may be granted money for the three days of special disbursement vouchers.

is worth noting that the cashier, which provides settlement and cash transactions is prohibited simultaneously to give out money to several cash checks, as well as to carry out any action with the currency in which the customers are not making money, but at the same time placing the cash receipts and the application for payment of cash.

I must also say that when receiving or issuing money the cashier is obliged to make appropriate inquiries.At the end of the day the rest of the money account cash documents, help with control tape calculator shall be under the head of the cash register receipt for verification.