The concept of management in education

general notion of control is associated with a function organized systems (biological, technical, social) to ensure their safety, to support the regime of activity and contribute to the implementation of the objectives of the program activities.When teaching students of pedagogical universities, management discussed in the annex to the educational system: schools, kindergartens, centers of additional education, etc.The concept of control is not only to study theory and secured with the help of management tasks in workshops, and worked through as part of teaching practice.Students have the opportunity to explore and describe the structure of management of the educational institution where they begin their teaching career, and during the reporting compare several systems, their structure and efficiency.

management concept becomes more specific meaning when we study the principles of management, iethose established and entrenched ideas that determine the direction of the relevant activities:

- The principle of unity of command and collegiality in which the head of the institution is based on a collective decision, involving the organization of management of all participants in the educational process through the Board of teachers, the board of the institution, parents, etc..d.

- The principle of science, in which the management is built relying on scientific knowledge, research and innovation in the field of management.

- The principle of planning.Here, the concept of governance is seen as a process of implementation of the plan over time, ie,technological concept becomes a division plan in stages and time periods.

- The principle of incentive when the manager at work is based on all kinds of stimulating subordinates, motivation, appreciation, praise, bonuses, moderate frustration, competition, etc.

In the classroom, students learn to distinguish between the concept of governance and management system.The term "governance" has always correlated with any system.The latter is a collection of individual parts or elements that are interconnected in a regular connection.The concept of management is to create conditions not only for the preservation of the educational system, but also translating it into a new, more perfect quality.The term "management" includes the process of preservation and development of a single element, rather than the whole system.The etymology of the term draws attention to the composition of the words "hand" and "drive", indicating that the personal relationship in the structure of the individual elements, while the management is not always related to the subjects and objects of the educational process.

education system can be represented as a set of various educational institutions whose activities are united by common principles of both public and educational.The network of educational institutions shall:

- education of preschool children;

- general education school;

- non-formal training and education of children of different ages;

- Professional scientific and technical education;

- secondary special education;

- higher profile education;

- training of the teaching staff;

- upgrading the skills of teachers.

concept of management can be attributed to educational activities which are organized in a separate class.The teacher must be able not only to lead the children, but also to control collective learning process.Therefore, in the course "teaching management system", students learn not only to manage the institution, but also to study the psychology of human interaction in the team, methods of regulating relations, conflict resolution, the use of different management styles in different bands.