"Welcome to Paradise": Reviews of the film.

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Currently in Russia a huge amount of imported foreign movies.Their original names are subject to the transfer, as presented in a foreign language.Name of the painting plays an important role in the understanding of the film and excited interest in it, the translators have to be responsible, so that the Russian version of the translation was very sonorous and meaningful as the original.Sometimes there are situations when the title of the film does not correspond to its content, or the translation is not an adaptation genre.

Adaptation strategies

When translating names used significant amounts of the so-called adaptation strategies.The most elementary - the literal translation of the title or direct films, which are used in the absence of untranslatable socio-cultural realities and the apparent conflict between content and form, for example, the project Welcome to Paradise (1984), which was released in the domestic box titled "Welcome toParadise! ".Reviews called the translation of its name - tracings.

There is a different strategy: under the name of transformation, ie,name change due to different factors - functional, lexical, pragmatic and stylistic.That is accompanied by a translation of semantic adaptation, in which genre or semantic lack accurate translation offset by the addition or omission of individual lexical items.

Another strategy that actively use translators - is a complete replacement of the name of the movie because of the inability to reproduce and convey the original meaning of the original text.A striking example serve as movie titles: Vice (2014), Ins Blaue (2012), Into the Blue (2005), which reached the domestic box office with the same name - "Welcome to Paradise".Reviews have been different, however, as a genre and meaning.

adventure thriller 2005

Domestic rolling project name directed by John Stockwell and screenwriter Matt Johnson sounded quite tempting and the beginning of a fully justified.The first minutes of the timing of the painting "Welcome to Paradise!" Reviews viewers called the perfect opportunity to admire the wonderful views of the deep ocean area of ​​the Bahamas, to evaluate the shape of the heroines - half-naked beauties divers Amanda and Samantha, who in the company of boys engaged in tracing drowned along with gold vintageBrig.However, looking further emotion replaced by anxiety for the fate of the main characters, because the young people manage instead of the ancient treasures of the sunken look modern aircraft with a huge batch of heroin.

not relax

Since then, the film "Welcome to Paradise!" Fully justifies the stated policy of adventure thriller genre.It starts quite another movie with shootings, bombings and fighting.There can be no contemplation of the beauties of nature and tanned bodies of the protagonists.The jewel paintings became the female lead singer Jessica Alba.She was so good that, for fear of excessive criticism, studio resorted to the help of computer graphics and corrected the number of frames so that her bikini a little more concealed figure.This fact has not escaped the attention of viewers have watched "Welcome to Paradise!".Reviews of them were unanimous: "Jessica in a bikini - is good, but the film - not very."Maybe that's why this opus is not in US box office reached 20 million box office, but it was very well in other countries.


film director Steven Hereke and screenwriter Mitchell Kepnera titled "Welcome to Paradise 2: The Reef" (2009) has nothing to do with the original, in addition to water issues and problems lurking in the deep sea.The first thing that caught the eye viewer while watching the project had plenty of resilient and tanned female bodies in the background moved by the beauty of the beaches, clear ocean water and splendor incredibly blue sky.Already only one such beauty tape could be watching.No wonder the film "Welcome to Paradise 2: The Reef 'responses dubbed" cute movie mordashek and inflated torsos. "However, the stars in the cast was reduced.Among the more well-known in the shooting attended Laura Vandervut ("competitor").But what could be expected from the project, which immediately went to the video?

Yielding standard original

The most common sequel to the well-known project, coming soon on DVD, does not meet the original standards and expectations of the audience.But the film "Welcome to Paradise 2: The Reef" kept the average result and delighted the audience a good story line, lead actors and of good camera work.For the technical side of the picture is difficult to find fault, all performed excellently: the plans and under the water, and on land.The musical accompaniment also fits into the fabric of the film.The story crime thriller "Welcome to Paradise 2" critics called moderately interesting, although some complication seemed too prolonged.In the film there is an intrigue, it can also be regarded as an argument for viewing.

The like, but not evaluated

According to statistics, 40% of foreign films in cinemas in Russia have a name, do not carry a literal translation.Distributors have tried to use a more intriguing name to attract a greater audience to view.However, this trick does not materialize in two motion pictures with the same title "Welcome to Paradise".Reviews of them find it extremely difficult, and they are too reticent.

  • Drama made in Germany screenwriter, director and producer in one person Rudolf Thome, released in 2012, is a film within a film.The plot tells the story of young directors, who tries to shoot his first feature project.But the fact that the scenes played out in front of the camera, beginning to affect the real life of the participants shooting.Gradually explosive mix of fiction and reality.Such is the intrigue drama "Welcome to Paradise".Reviews of the film among critics mostly positive, although the worldwide popularity of the film has not got.
  • American TV project in 1984 took director Daniel Hailler scenario Stёrlinga Sillifant.The storyline of the film tells about the adventures of three friends who, oversaturated daily routine, go in search of pleasure on the legendary beach resort.And it was two decades ago, they were the brightest in my life romance.Will they change their lives or heroine find themselves in trouble, tell painting "Welcome to Paradise".Reviews of the movie does not contain spoilers.

low-budget thriller

pretty low-budget thriller 2014 Vice director Brian A. Miller, filmed on the script of the creative union Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore, critics called the rash attempt to mix in a bottle episodes and styles of science fiction paintings that have become cult"The Matrix," "Western world", "Total Recall," "Blade Runner" and "Robocop."Trying priori a failure and also cheap, so the "Welcome to Paradise 2", the audience certainly do not see it.Although so might look the same, "Blade Runner", if it is not created by Ridley Scott, and some unknown studio in Hollywood, dies in the 80 paintings category B.


film "Welcome to Paradise" (2014) tells the story which took place in a futuristic spa town.The local population of the city make androids, outwardly indistinguishable from humans.It is on this building its business a respectable businessman Julian (Willis).It is a unique service - execution of the dirtiest, forbidden desires and vicious people.Androids because all endure, and after the procedure, they erase the memory, but rather perverts paying the embodiment of their desires, leaving the resort.One girl android Kelly (Embir Childers), keeping in mind all the atrocities escapes.Julian sends her quest and capture of a whole army of armed robots.The costs massacre hero Bruce Willis did not bother.

waste of time?

order to dilute the android action modicum of human emotions, the creators introduced in the plot created Engineer Kelly (Bryan Greenberg).Man has created a robot in the image of his wife, so she is trying to help.For intensification of the conflict allowed the writers on the trail of the fugitives battered seasoned detective Roy (Thomas Jane), who wants to destroy the shameful business of Julian.Bruce Willis does not save the situation, although in a different less predictable and superficial film his appearance as the main antagonist would give viewers a real pleasure.Incidentally, this is not the first christened by critics Miller failed project, which was attended by Willis.In August last year, he was released in rent, but sunk into oblivion movie "Prince", who also worked on Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio.Perhaps the creative team will be decided on the third attempt, and the viewer will soon see the "Welcome to Heaven 2".