What is a hypocrite

What is a hypocrite?In the days of ancient Rome so called actors change masks with images on their emotions during a theatrical performance.Today, the so-called people who outwardly show emotion, not corresponding to their real feelings.Very often it is disingenuous behavior combined with contempt for the other party.Thus, the word "hypocrite", originally a former neutral means "actor" or "actor", today is the psychological term.

But such a shift in semantics happened a long time ago.For example, in one of the medieval paintings hypocrisy conventionally depicted as pale and thin woman with tilted head and large beads that puts alms in the church mug ostentatious sense of piety.However, under the skirt of the woman's legs visible wolf.

reasons hypocrisy

an effort to understand what is a hypocrite, we must remember that it is impossible to judge the quality or avoid people with such behavior.As a rule, a manifestation of the duality of emotions is not hiding anything wrong.After all, each of us had been in the life of a situation where the true feelings had to hide behind a fake smile.The reasons for this can be many.But most often it is the fear of stigma and misunderstanding, fear not to be accepted by others.

Often people believe that the manifestation of sincere feelings makes them vulnerable.Therefore, use a variety of methods of protection, one of which - the hypocrisy.The main reason for this fear - low self-esteem.When people consider themselves to be smart enough, attractive, worthy, they advance include "mask mode".This method is typical for almost all people.So you should understand that if the other person a hypocrite, then most likely, it just feels insecure.

How to react to the hypocrisy

What is a hypocrite?How to behave, if the person behaves insincerely?The first thing to understand the difference between the manifestation of insincerity in a bad mood and emotions.Sometimes, the people decided that the other person is cheating on them, roll the scandal, expressing grievances and complaints.But if the person with whom you are communicating, you care, you need to follow three steps:

  1. admits that he is not cheating on you and just protected for any reason;
  2. try to understand what you have done this, that the other person feel vulnerable;
  3. change their behavior, or simply cease to put pressure on the man.

It is worth noting that such actions will only be effective if you really want to improve relations.

Who is a hypocrite in his convictions

duplicitous hypocrite, constantly exhibiting insincerity in external actions - is a hypocrite.Meet these people will not bring you the joy of communication.With them it is very difficult to communicate, because in the process of transmission and perception of information usually involved two levels: the conscious and subconscious.And it turns out that the mind receives one information and the subconscious mind - completely different.In an attempt to combine incompatible things a person gets a headache.But hypocrites themselves suffer from their duplicity as the constant wearing "masks" often leads to a split personality with all the ensuing consequences.Learn to accept and love yourself for who you really are.Sincerely express their feelings and desires.Respect their individuality and not hide behind the "mask".