Scops Owl - owl that sings

Scops Owl - owl small size, length of which is 16 to 21 cm. The weight of this bird does not exceed 120 grams.Despite its small size, the scope of its wings is 50 cm. Its color is modest, mostly gray-brown.Sometimes you can find individuals reddish color.Most owls have dark streaks and bands, which helps them to merge with the bark of trees.At their head is two rather large beam ear feathers that when frightened or excited by another rise and resemble a kind of horns.The beak and claws are dark-brown color.Legs birds also have a down coat (except fingers).

As for the environment, the Scops Owl - owl, which prefers mixed, often sparse forests, fruit trees, free-standing in the fields, abandoned gardens.It can be found in the vineyards.This owl has no fear of man, so often settles with him in close proximity, such as in city parks.Scops Owl in Russia tend to be migrant.Most often it can be seen in the southern parts of the country, from the western border to Lake Baikal.In winter it can fly in tropical

countries, such as in Africa, to the area south of the Sahara desert.

Scops Owl - night owl species.During the day it can not be found.After wintering it arrives in early March in the southern territory of Russia, and in mid-April, it can already be found in the rest of the country.On its arrival can be found in the first quiet night, when she begins to give marriage a voice that is monotonous cry leisurely males in different keys.1 minute bird does to 20 signals on a sound reminiscent of "sleep-sleep."It is for this reason that this kind of got its name.Besides singing males can be heard singing the female voice which is much rougher.

As good-natured appearance, which has a Scops Owl - Owl (See photo. Above), you would never think that this little bird, if necessary, is able to frighten the enemy.So, in the defense of their nests with chicks or when approaching a foreign object, it clings to one paw over the slot from the bottom, with wings spread wide, like a butterfly.At that time, her head pressed to the back of his head back and his eyes become fixed.The second leg, it keeps ready for the attack under the wing.

In terms of power-owl Scops Owl unpretentious.Its prey are small animals, such as lizards or frogs.In addition, its food are large moths or beetles.His hunt she spends in the thick twilight.For female chicks is not any special selection of food.During incubation the male feeds the female laying previously notifying his hunting whistle.After catching prey, it sends it from beak to beak, as if kissing a female.Among other things, food, Scops Owl can eat grated carrots, cottage cheese, buckwheat.

By nature Scops Owl - owl duplegnezdik.It may take as natural niche, and settle in the hollows of woodpecker.In the absence of a suitable location for housing can be accommodated in a nest of magpies.Scops Owl lays its eggs somewhere in the 30 days after arrival.In most cases, clutch consists of 4-5 white eggs, very rare 6 eggs.The incubation period is slightly more than 20 days.After the birth of the chicks food for their feeding produces male.Departures from the nest the little Scops Owl begin 20 days after his birth.During this period the family united and indivisible, is divided only in August before the flight.