How to become famous for some Japanese singer?

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Japanese musical culture stands out a huge number of popular artists and specific repertoire.The peculiarity of Japanese songs is literally impossible to translate the texts into Russian.Japanese singer is not only self-write and perform their own songs are part of different vocal groups but voiced virtual characters.There is a separate category - the fully virtual performers.Which singer in Japan are the most popular?As they became famous?

Popular Japanese singer

Many Japanese singer became popular due to successful articulation known virtual characters.Utada Hikaru became known for his song to the video game Kingdom Hearts.She has released 11 albums in English and Japanese.The best known are we "The Devil Inside", "Exodus," "This is", "Come back to me», «You Make Me».

become a model of style and trendsetter can also Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki list is headed.It not only has earned the title of "Empress of Pop", but, in spite of a slight increase, became the face of the brand Panasonic, to participate in the campaign line cameras Lumix.

singer Tomomi Itano in 2005 joined the popular group AKB48, ahead of 7924 contenders.At that time, the girl just turned 14 years old.Now Itano Tomomi - known actress, solo singer and model, she starred in the film "School" Madzhiska "," "Bad Boys Jay."

Japanese artists of Russian origin

meets Japanese singer is not of local origin.Popular in Japan was Olga Yakovleva.It is known under the pseudonym Origa.Girl hit in Japan in 1990, by invitation, a representative of the Russian Culture Festival, held in the city of Sapporo.After the successful debut of the company Road & amp;Sky offered cooperation.Origa and remained in Japan, eventually began a solo career, he has successfully voiced various animated projects and video games.Many well-known songs Mizu no Madoromi Russian and Japanese for the series «Fantastic Children», a song for the anime Princess Arete called "red sun" and Inner Universe for the anime "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone."

Japanese singer peace TECHNO

special place in the ranking of the world popular Japanese singer techno.This completely virtual artists who have their own repertoire albums and fans.While the singer created a hologram.She became the proud heritage and Crypton Media.The voice of this singer is an original created artificially.To distinguish by ear virtual singer from the real artist is not difficult, it is not voiced man.Her voice was independently synthesized from the original human voice using the program Yamaha vocaloid.It Mick Khatsun.Her songs are the leaders of the charts.Virtual Singer collects huge halls.She sings only live, but this time on the stage dancing hologram.Dance and movement close to real human movement on the stage, each performance is studied choreography and vocal developers.Hologram itself as technology continues to improve.Japanese singer-hologram - the future of the country.