Daniil Galitsky - biography militant ruler

In 1211 nobles of ancient city Galich put on the throne of ten Daniel Romanovich Galitsky.A year later, his father died, and willful nobles banished boy deprived of his homeland and the government.In exile, he had to live with Andrew (Hungarian King) and Lesco White (Polish Prince).This lasted until the 20th anniversary of the prince.Fate was merciful to him.In 1221 began the princely strife, during which the great-grandson of Vladimir Monomakh managed to ascend the throne.

Home Board

baptism of fire Daniil Galitsky received in the war with the Hungarians and the Poles, who are constantly invaded Russia.He became an ally of the test - Mstislav the Bold.By the time Volyn Prince put together a great squad.Unfortunately, the reign of Daniel Galitsky did not start very well.In 1223 he, along with a number of Russian princes suffered a crushing defeat on the Kalka River from chingiskhanovskih temnikov - Subedeya and Chepe.

Expansion possessions

Yet we must admit that the prince was an excellent manager.By 1229 Daniil Galitsky united all Volyn land into one large principality.In an effort to broaden ownership, Volyn prince organized several military expeditions to southern Russia.In 1238, he captured Galich became magnified Prince Galitsky and Volyn.Prior to the invasion of Batu Daniel managed to make a few successful campaigns in the troubled neighbors - Chernigov, Seversk and Pinsk princes.Naturally, when "redistribution" princely throne, he was the protagonist.

Golden Horde

Batu's invasion completely devastated Galicia-Volyn principality.It burned a huge number of towns and villages.Thousands of people came to the Mongols captured.Daniil Galitsky himself escaped with his family to Hungary.After leaving the Horde, he returned and began the restoration of the Mongols destroyed cities.But he, like other Russian princes, had to admit the power of Khan and pay tribute.

Yaroslavl battle

At the same time Galich had to start a war against western neighbors - the supporters of Rostislav Mikhailovich (Chernigov Prince).In 1245 Rostislav with Hungarian and Polish knights surrounded the city of Yaroslav.Daniil Galitsky crossed with his army across the river San, and hurried to the aid of the besieged city.The battle took place very far from it.Prince Galitsky built three of his regiment in a row (from left - Daniel Regiment, right - his brother cornflower and in the middle - a regiment of militia led by Andrew Dvorsky).Hungarian knights went on the attack on the central regiment, who could not stand the shock, began to retreat to the river San.Right Regiment was attacked by Polish knights.Cornflower successfully repelled the attack.Daniel made his way to the rear of the reserve regiment of Hungarians and completely defeated.Seeing this, the remaining Hungarians and Poles were frightened and fled the army.Winning the battle of Yaroslavl completed a bloody 40-year struggle for the unification of Galicia-Volyn Rus.This event was the biggest achievement of the great-grandson of Monomakh.


In recent years, the life of Daniel Galitsky, whose biography was discussed in this article do not waged any war.He died in 1264 and was buried in the Hill.One of the chroniclers, mourning his death, called the prince "the second Solomon."