How to make a footnote in Word and execute bibliographical references

Everyone who studies in the last year of an academic institution already has some knowledge on various subjects, including on computer and, perhaps, can easily create a document or type text.But only a few of the future graduates know how to make a footnote in Word and to issue notes or bibliographic references.Let's look at this.

How to make a footnote in Word ?

Footnotes divided into ordinary, to be made on the current page, and the end, which put at the end of the document.To make a normal footnote, you must enter the menu, find the word "References" section, click on it and in the window that opens select the word "Notes".Each of you can easily remember how to make a footnote in Word.It's very easy!Note that the cursor must be in the place where you want to put a footnote.

Endnotes put in the same way, only in addition have to click on "Insert Endnote."

How to draw bibliographic references in the course work are taken out in a footnote?

Terms of references established by GOST 2008.It operates to the present day.In accordance with the State standard reference divided by descenders, endnotes, and inline.

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Inline links decorate in parentheses.They contain additional information that is not included in the main text of the document.

EXAMPLE: (Melkina VP, Gluten SA, Petrashkova AM information and ensuring its security and protection: Proc. Allowance. M., 2009).

transtextual references in square brackets.They are numbered and connected by a system of references to the main text.

Example: [6, p.13], where 6 - serial number of the document, which is incorporated by reference endnotes, and 13 - is the page on which we refer to in the document at number 6.

Footnotes submitted links down the page, and numbered according to their number, not thepage number.

Example: A well-known lawyer Pintail, said: "The contracts provided for the second part of the Code, may be made on the basis of agreement between the partiesĀ» .1


1Hozyaystvennoe right: the textbook / Sokolenkova.Moscow: Jurist, 2006. - P. 40.

EXAMPLE: 1Barentseva EA Kolesnikov GIGardening companies and partnerships.St. Petersburg, 2005. P. 20.

Making notes in the word?

To make a note in the Word, you must enter the menu, find the word "type", click on it with the mouse, pull-down menu to find the word "Page Layout" and click on it too.You must put the cursor at the place where you want to insert a note by choosing the word "Insert" and then "Note".It remains to introduce the text of the notes and click the mouse in any part of the field.

If you want the notes were not visible in the print in the "Print" select the word "Print", click on it with the mouse, and after the word "document".

If you want to print the lyrics together with the notes, then select "Show notes".

Hopefully, now that you know how to make a footnote in Word and Notes, as well as easily draw bibliographical references.I wish you success and good luck in all your endeavors!