How to roast chestnuts at home in a frying pan?

I'm sure many have heard that in addition to the Eiffel Tower, symbol of Paris are numerous street vendors of roasted chestnuts.And indeed, right on the sidewalk located miniature, and sometimes not very miniature brazier on which it is preparing to treat uncomplicated.After tasting it, many tourists are asking themselves the question: "how to roast chestnuts at home?And as far as this is feasible? ".It really is easy to play and at the kitchen thanks to a gas or electric stove and a baking pan.

How to roast chestnuts at home?

Before proceeding to the description of the process, let's talk about where to get the raw material for him.The fact is that the fruits growing in almost all regions of the country, except for very much of the Far North, horse chestnut is not edible.Yes, they are very beautiful - brown lacquer kruglyashi, but they taste very bitter.

And what can be roasted chestnuts?

To do this, go to the market or to the supermarket and buy a completely different kind of - edible fruit of

the chestnut tree.They even view different from the horse - is much smaller, darker color and one side they necessarily flat.Speaking strictly in a scientific way, they are not even chestnuts, as the tree on which they grow, belongs to the family of beech, but we are not going to go into the botanical details, because we need them to have, and not classified.

How to roast chestnuts in a pan or on a baking?

Before you begin to cook proper meals, it is necessary to lower the fruit into the water.In addition to that, they will wash off the dirt while you still can and discard spoiled chestnuts - they just float.They should be discarded, and the remaining dry and prick with a fork or knife to make an incision.If you do not, then in the process of cooking water, which is saturated with fruit, boil and burst the shell.That is, you get a series of miniature explosions - a kind of mini cannonading in your kitchen, similar to that which occurs when frying popcorn.But corn is much smaller than the chestnuts, so it is better not to bring them to this state.

Another trick related to how to roast chestnuts at home, is that laid on a baking sheet or pan fruit it is necessary to cover with a damp cloth.It does not give them too dry during cooking and become solid.Grilling they will be about half an hour, and during that time you will need to replace a couple of times dried fresh towels.

If the dishes you choose the pan, then cover it with a lid, as, despite the cuts, some chestnuts can still explode, and you have to collect them all over the kitchen.Baking tray cover is not necessary, as the oven off this "Jumping" will not succeed.

Ready fruits determined simply - click on the brown thumb.If it is soft, it's time to remove it from the heat.Now that you know how to roast chestnuts at home and will be able to enjoy yourself and treat your loved ones with this dish, even if not in Paris.And do not deny yourself the pleasure to try raw fruits - they are also very tasty.