Taxi "Angel": reviews.

Each of us at least once in their lives to use taxis.This is very useful, because not all have their own cars or acquaintances who have to borrow.In addition, there are situations in life when driving is absolutely contraindicated, and to get home somehow need.For example, if you come back from the bar, which until then celebrated with friends, you need to leave the car and go to a destination by taxi.You can do this simply by calling the phone numbers that are so actively advertise companies providing related services.You call on the other end informs the operator that you get through, for example, the company "Angel" (taxi).

Moscow this or any other city, it does not matter.The main thing - that you will order, will report the value of the trip and give it to the driver.Depending on where you are, the car will arrive within 10-20 minutes and take you.

taxi service in the capital

Today, you can order a taxi in any city, even in the most remote corners of our country.As for the capital, there is the market for taxi transportation is enormous.Not surprisingly, there are hundreds of companies successfully operating.Some of them have been on the market for many years, others only opened and want to try to find its niche.Depending on this, the company has a famous name (like "Taxi" Angel "") or the name of the little-known.Quality of service can also vary.

That is why, depending on why you needed transport and where you plan to go, you need to choose which company to work together to obtain a sufficiently high level of service.Believe me, despite the fact that it is Moscow, not every taxi service can provide not even a European, but at least normal levels of service.Therefore, we must be extremely cautious.

Companies or private cab drivers?

addition to large companies, taxi services and provide private carriers.In general, it should be noted that the scope of this business is so vast that there are many successful actors fit.So-called private operators can only work for themselves, picking up people on the streets.Sometimes a trip with them cheaper, but the quality of the service it might give way to large companies.Some carriers, on the contrary, working for yourself, take orders from taxi services for a fee.Such an outcome is convenient as a company because it gets a certain percentage of the customer and the driver and the person who will carry.

However, choosing with whom to go, it is better to pay more attention to the company.With them go though more expensive (though not always), but safer, because there is sure of his staff.As for the "privateers" that guarantees to work with them, no.Therefore, in this article we consider the strongest player - the company that provides these services.

Taxi "Angel" - one of the market leaders in traffic

Speaking of taxi services, the "Angel" - a company that has long been served by Muscovites (and not only).In the market it is present for several years, and due to its popularity the number of customers who use the service, is constantly growing.

taxi services "Angel" Reviews drivers often referred to as one of the most downloaded.They, of course, is beneficial because it allows you to earn much more than in other companies.As for customers, they have the characteristics of the service "Angel" different.Reviews of how a person served in this company, there are both positive and negative.Probably, the thing is lucky customer with a driver or not.

range of services the company

about what services are provided by taxi "angel" can be found on the official site.Here are the various possibilities of transportation and car order.In particular, you can not only cause the driver to cars, and a tow truck to move the failed vehicle, cargo taxi and a car for transportation of VIP-guests.This means that with "Angel" can get any kind of transport services, as available, there are different categories of cars.

Additional features

In addition, it is also possible to use additional options, which have a taxi "Angel" too much.This, for example, English-speaking driver, the ability to install a child seat, a driver who does not smoke, the girl behind the wheel and others.Some are free, for others have to pay a little extra.

Billing and payment

Incidentally, with regard to tariffs and fees in the company of "Angel", it should be noted that the pricing is fairly flexible, though the accrual takes place as in other services.It is understood that there is a base rate is determined for the submission of the car.Its size depends on whether the machine will be caused.For cars is 200 rubles per call and 27 rubles per kilometer, and for towing, for example, from 2075 rubles and additional charges for which will need to take your car.Thus, the principle is simple: the more the car, the more expensive will have to pay.Cost is formed both by the base, and from the payment per km.

Taxi "Angel": reviews of passengers

course, speaking about the quality of this or that taxi service in the first place should pay attention to reviews of passengers.Still, they are the people who directly benefited from the vehicle, the driver drove, worked for the company and know that it is a good service or not.

If we have in mind a taxi "Angel" reviews left by other passengers, then we see them, as they say, the entire history of the service, its pros and cons.For example, sometimes the passengers say that they did not like anything in the service.It is important to note that there is a difference in the city, who bought a taxi.Available on the company "Angel" (taxi, Moscow) reviews are somewhat different from those of the service, providing services in St. Petersburg.And it is right, because it is actually two different companies with their employees.

Among the negative reviews should be mentioned, for example, the fact that the driver dropped the passenger with the children on the roadway, or Naham client requested a higher value than indicated counter.However, more often about a taxi "Angel" leave positive feedback.For example, passengers say that the rather modest fee they able to take fast and the driver got courteous and helpful.Perhaps this is not the last role played by luck.Yes, and everyone tastes different: someone will be unhappy with the business-class sedan, but someone and "Lada" approach, if only able to take.Reading about a taxi "Angel" reviews, for that matter, and any other service, weigh their demands to understand what you have to deal with.

Working at

In addition to thinking about the clients, are also important and feedback drivers who work in the taxi, "Angel."St. Petersburg or Moscow is does not matter, because the employer alone, the working conditions are not changed.The company cooperates with the drivers in their cars, giving them orders for certain additional charges.It is safe to say that with the number of orders of problems in the company "Angel" No, because the service is quite unwound and demand.As for the payment terms, then there a lot depends on the driver's ambition and how much he would earn.

Let's just say, give all the work here, but how will prove to each individual employee, it depends only on him.